I have a little drugstore haul for you guys. I went shopping and I picked up nine products. I went to DI, Hema and Kruidvat.

A review on all these products will follow, I first have to test them out.

The first item is from MAYBELLINE and it’s the master strobing liquid in Light/Iridescent. It’s a liquid highlighter and cost €8,99. I plan on applying it over my foundation on the high points of my cheek bones before I apply powder to give me that ‘glow from within’. I will then top it off with a powder highlight probably. Or I will apply it on my bare face on the days that I’m not wearing foundation.


The second item I got from DI is from REAL TECHNIQUES and it’s their setting brush. It cost €9,80 and is the first expensive brush in my collection. If I like this one I will gradually expand my collection with more expensive brushes. I plan on using it to apply highlighter or to set my undereye concealer.



Then I went to Kruidvat. The first thing I got there was from ESSENCE and it was one of their metal shock lipsticks. I love the metallic lip trend but I’m not sure I can pull it off and if I dare wear it outside. Because this lipstick was only €3,59 I thought it was the perfect moment to try it out. I got shade 01 Iron Maiden and it’s a coppery metallic. They have a few shades and if I like it I think I’m going to get some more. Maybe the blue and green so I can call them my Ravenclaw and Slytherin lipsticks.

The next things I got are all from CATRICE. The first thing is the prime and fine smoothing refiner for invisible pores and lines. I have a few lines on my forehead and some pores on my nose that I would like to have covered. The primer feels very smooth and doesn’t have a smell which I appreciate. I liked their beautifying primer so I hope I will like this and that it works. The primer was €4,99.




The next thing was their brightening eyeshadow base. The eyeshadow base I have now is not doing the trick for me so I was looking for a new one. It cost me €3,59.

Catrice eyeshadow primer


The last thing form CATRICE was a velvet matt lip cream in the shade 010 MidNude Season and it cost €3,59. It feels very nice and lightweight on the lips. It is rather sheer and I think it has the shade of my lips so it doesn’t do very much for me. Maybe it is nice for a ‘no make-up make-up look’.

The last things I got from Kruidvat are two MUA undress you skin shimmer highlighter. I got the shades pink shimmer and iridescent gold. I heard a lot of great reviews about these but it looks like these are one of those highlighters where you have to scrape off the top layer. I will keep you updated on that. Pink shimmer is a nice light pinky shade and iridescent gold is straight up yellow. But I think the yellow can be really nice in the summer. They were each €5,99.



The last thing I got was from Hema and it was a longwearing top coat. It’s nothing special. I was looking for a top coat and I like Hema nail polish so I think it will be fine. It cost me €3,50.



This was everything I got at the drugstore today. I hope you liked it.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


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