Hello everyone, today is the first of April but this isn’t an April fool’s joke. These are my favourites from March 2017.

Favorites - skincareWe will start off with my skincare favourites. I have loved the URIAGE Roséliane anti-redness rich cream for a very long time. It has been my staple day cream all throughout the winter. Just recently I discovered the URIAGE Roséliane anti-redness cream SPF 30. It is basically the same cream only a lot lighter, less sticky and with added SPF. My skin is very red so I always use an anti-redness cream. URIAGE is perfect for my very sensitive skin. For the past week the sun has been shining a lot here in Belgium so I suppose spring is really coming through. The added SPF in my day cream will be very beneficial.

Uriage Roséliane


At night I apply Avène Eluage emulsion. It is supposed to be firming, smoothing and mattifying. It is used against the aging of skin and supposed to be applied every night after cleansing to the face and neck. While I’m only 22, I already have a few wrinkles on my forehead and my smile lines are a lot more prominent than I would like. So, I’m being proactive and I’m already applying it daily.

Avène eluage


In addition to the Avène emulsion I also apply an eye cream at night. I use the Louis Widmer eye contour cream. It is also an anti-aging eye cream but it really helps with my under eye circles. They are less prominent and a lot more hydrated since I use this.

Louis Widmer eye cream


Favorites - beauty

Over to my beauty products now. The first thing I would like to mention is the MAYBELLINE fit me! Luminous + smooth foundation. I’m in the shade 115 ivory, which is the lightest shade they sell. I find that in some lighting it looks a little bit too dark and orange on me but if I bronze up my neck and wear my hair down, I can pull it off. When I first got it I wasn’t really a fan of it, I found it much too tacky and I didn’t like the coverage it gave me. But now after repeatedly using it I find I really like it. It is really dewy and perfect for spring. Because it is medium coverage it isn’t too harsh to wear every day. I got the luminous + smooth one because I was scared the matt and pore less would be too drying for my dry skin. Because it is so dark on me I’m sure I can also wear it in summer, although I never tan in summer.

Maybelline Fit me


The next product is the ESSENCE all about nudes eyeshadow palette. I have had this for a few months now (like two) and the first time I used it I wasn’t impressed. My first thought was: “Wow, €4 in the trash.” I had bought it because Jamie Paige said the ESSENCE all about palettes were really good for their price. I felt cheated on. I don’t know what changed but I actually like it now. The shadows are very powdery but they are also very pigmented. They are perfect to create an everyday eyeshadow look. I especially like the mattes. I have used these three shades as bronzer the last few days and I love the result. I found my bronzer to be too orange on me all of a sudden so I tried this and it’s amazing. It’s so beautiful. It acts like a contour and bronze in one because of the cool shade I mix in. It’s a lot more practical.

The next product is the CATRICE prime and fine brightening eyeshadow base. It’s a lot whiter than I anticipated but it blends in perfectly with my skin once I set it. It does an amazing job at keeping my eyeshadow on all day. Because I have hooded eyes my eyeshadow creases very easily but this base keeps it from creasing all day. I have very difficult eyelids for eyeshadow, nothing wants to stay put or give colour but this base is actually really good at that. Now I can do eyeshadow looks!

Catrice eyeshadow primer


The next item is a highlighter. I have used the real techniques setting brush to apply my highlighter this month and I love it. It is a lot more intense than when I use my fan brush. On more natural days I still use my fan brush so it isn’t so blinding.

The highlighter I’m talking about is the Mary-Lou Manizer from THE BALM. It’s a gorgeous highlighter. I love how golden it is without being too dark for my pasty ass. It’s not too glittery so it gives a gorgeous sheen. I love it.

Next I have the KIKO Extra sculpt volume mascara. I have really long lashes and a lot of them. I don’t like to use a lengthening mascara because my lashes get too long then and they are constantly touching my eyebrows, it drives me mad. So I got this volume mascara and it’s great. It gives me thick lashes without making them too long. It’s still pretty lengthening but not overly. I also like the sleek packaging. It looks so fancy while it was only €3.99. The wand has an hourglass shape and I really like that, it’s perfect to get every single lash without making them too clumpy because I hate that. I have a lot of lashes, I don’t want my mascara to give the illusion I have only five.

Kiko extra sculpt


Lastly I have a lipstick combo I want to share with you. Lately I have been wearing the MAYBELLINE matt lipstick in 930 nude embrace with in the centre the CATRICE velvet matt lip cream. I find the Maybelline lipstick to be a little bit too beige to put on my whole mouth but with the pink form the lip cream in the centre it gives a nice contrast that isn’t too harsh. Because the lip cream doesn’t dry down it doesn’t give me that awful butthole lip that I hate.

March Lip combo


Favorites - musicNext up we have my music favourites of March 2017. I have a few favourites. I have discovered the 2016 mashup “WE WERE YOUNG” (Best 90 Pop Songs) by AnDyWuMUSICLAND on YouTube. It’s amazing. I have it on my iPod now and I love it because it’s so different. It’s amazing.

My new favourite tracks are:

I have also recently started using SPOTIFY and I’m in love. I love putting on as background noise. It’s great.

Favorites - wattpadI have a few Wattpad recommendations. I read a lot from the same writers. I read a lot of TheBibicalSinner’s books. They are R-rated but besides the erotic part, I also really like the stories. The concept is always the same but the characters are quite unique. I especially liked Agent and Genius.

The other writer I read a lot from is RobThier. I started with Storm and Silence, then read In the Eye of the Storm and am now reading Silence is Golden. I love Lilly and Mr. Ambrose. I really recommend his books.

This was it for my March favourites. I didn’t have the greatest month but I hope you had. Good luck in April.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


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