Hello everyone!

I went on holiday to Marrakech with my family over the easter holidays. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to tell you what I take with me in terms of make-up.

I used the toiletery bag I got from primark in my last haul to keep all my make-up in. It was the perfect size. My brushes could fit comfortably and I still had room for more stuff.

I never take my most expensive or fragile items with me on a trip because I’m always afraid of breaking my make-up. So the products you’ll see here are not always my holy grail make-up items. Some of them are new products I intent to try.

When I pack a make-up bag to take on holiday I always grab the items in the same order as I do my make-up. That way I’m sure I don’t forget anything. I advise you to take every step you normally do with you on holiday. It’s not because you’re on holiday that you don’t want to look as good as at home. In most cases you have more free time on vacation to experiment with make-up!

Step 1: Primer

As primer I took the CATRICE Prime and Fine smoothing refiner for invisible pores and lines. I wasn’t planning on wearing a full face of make-up everyday, just some light make-up at night for dinner. Since my make-up was going to be light I took a primer with me that I still had to test out. There will be a review on this primer, it’s on my to-do-list.

I always apply primer with my hands.



Step 2: Foundation

I took the Fond de Teint Fluide Poudré from T. LeClerc. It’s a matte fluid foundation. I’m in the shade 02 Clair Rosé Mat. It’s a very pink-based foundation and it’s honestly the best match I’ve ever found. It’s medium coverage and it looks perfect for everyday. I love this foundation and I’m so sad because I’m almost out of it.



I apply this foundation with a make-up sponge from H&M. I don’t really like this sponge because it soaks up a lot of product but I continue to use it until it’s too dirty or is too f*cked up to use. It’s still dirty in the picture because I had just finished applying my make-up, I didn’t have time to clean it. I’m just being honest here, I don’t wash it every day.


Step 3: Concealer

For concealer I brought the H&M Cover-up concealer in true beige. I have this concealer in two shades. I brought the darker of the two because I was only going to be using it to conceal blemishes, not as highlight.

I blended the concealer out with my fingers.



Step 4: Powder

I always bring powder to set my concealer, this foundation does not need setting with my dry skin. I always bring the H&M Perfectionist Finishing powder in ivory on holiday because the powder I normally use is too expensive and bulky to bring on holiday. Also, I don’t really like this powder but I still try to use it because I don’t like to waste make-up.


For my powder I always use my T. LeClerc 1 brush.


Step 5: Contouring

I normally never contour but I still like to bring contouring powder on holiday. I only wore it once, to a fancy dinner. I brought the Catrice Prime and Fine professional contouring palette in 010 Ashy Radiance.

For contouring I just took an angled brush with me. It’s kind of a stippling brush so it makes for a very light contour, just as I like it.

Step 6: Bronzer

I bought the Primark bronzer and I wanted to try it out so I took it with me. It’s in the shade Sun Dipped.



For my bronzer I always use a brush from Couvrance. I don’t know where I got it or if it’s even a brush you can buy. My mom gave it to me when she gave me my first make-up and I still use it. It’s starting to shed so maybe it’s dying.

Step 7: Blush

I brought the Essence Satin touch blush in 20 satin love. It’ very pigmented so I only dip my brush in the product once and blend very good. It’s actually too pigmented for me but it’s a beautiful blush if you use it right. This is a very neutral colour and I like my blush neutral. Especially on a holiday I never take a very colourful blush. When my face is very red and it shines through my foundation I often don’t wear blush because it already looks like I’m wearing blush. Because it was so hot in Marrakech I only wore blush on the first night and the other nights I didn’t put any on.

For my blush I brought a stippling brush so it wouldn’t be too pigmented.

Step 8: Highlighter

I only take one highlighter with me so I choose a neutral golden colour. The MUA Undress your skin shimmer highlighter in Iridescent Gold is a neutral highlighter and it’s a very sturdy package and product.


For highlighting I brought two brushes. The first is my new Real Techniques setting brush. For when I want a less intense highlight, I use a fan brush.

Step 9: Eyeshadow primer

As eyeshadow primer I took the Catrice Prime and Fine brightening eyeshadow base. It’s new to me and in the little time I’ve been using it, I like it already better than my old one.

I blend the eyeshadow primer with my fingers.


Step 10: Eyeshadow

I brought two eyeshadow palettes with me. The Essence All about nudes eyeshadow palette is perfect for a neutral look. For a little more colour and some more variation I also took the NYX Wicked Dreams palette. I don’t know what happened to it but on the way back something rubbed onto the palette and now the ‘fous’ is all rubbed off. It looks horrible.

The rest of the brushes I bring are all for eyeshadow. They are all by T. LeClerc. I use number 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Step 11: Eyeliner

I brought four eyeliners with me, all with a different reason. Eyeliner 1 is a liquid liner to do a wing. I brought the H&M Precision eye marker in Jet black. Eyeliner 2 is just a brown pencil liner for everyday. For this purpose I brought the Catrice Kohl Kajal in 140 Chocwaves. I also brought with me a nude eyeliner to put in my waterline, for this I brought the Essence longlasting eye pencil in 25 say hi light. Because I wanted to bring a special colour I brought the NYX slide on, glide on, stay on & definitely a turn on waterproof extreme shine eye liner in 18 Glitzy gold.


Step 12: Mascara

For mascara I brought my Kiko unforgettable waterproof mascara. It’s just my favourite mascara. I think it’s almost time to change it out and that makes me sad because there isn’t a Kiko store near my hometown.



Step 13: Lips

I brought four lipsticks on my trip. I always bring neutral lipsticks so they are very versatile. I think that makes make-up on holiday so much easier. The first lipstick is my favourite nude lipstick, it’s the NYX Matte lipstick in Spirit. I also brought the Essence Velvet stick, it doesn’t have the shade name on it, maybe it was on sticker that I took off. It’s a mauve shade that I often wear when I don’t wear make-up. It’s very comfortable. To also bring a more brown shade I also brought the ColourPop Lippie Stix in Tootsi. Lastly I brought a liquid lipstick. I chose the NYX Lip Lingerie in Lace Detail.

This is everything I bring with me when I go on a trip, I hope you liked it.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


2 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY TRAVEL MAKE-UP BAG?”

  1. Looks like you’ve got everything covered! I’m amazed at how many brushes you bring with you!
    Do you have a post about your T. LeClerc brushes? I’ve never heard anyone talking about them.


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