Hello everyone!

Normally I’m not a very big online shopper. I don’t like the wait. Even though sometimes it’s just a day, I rather go to the store so I have my purchases immediately with me.

Last Friday however, I was feeling a bit down and when I feel sad, I like to browse make-up sites. I ended up ordering make-up from Boozyshop and it arrived on Tuesday.

Boozyshop is an online make-up retailer. They mostly sell reasonable priced make-up from brands that are hard to find here in Belgium. Their site is:

It’s a very easy site. You can easily search products. Either by brand or by category. I have a whole wish list. If I would buy my whole wish list, I would have to spend €356, 97. That’s a lot of money but if you know my wish list is 43 products long, it’s a rather affordable splurge.

Of course I didn’t order 43 products. I ordered 5. If you order for over €30 you get a free gift with your purchase. That’s a really nice gesture. If you order for over €40, you get free shipping.

I ordered for €40, 41 so I just qualified for shipping (I totally planned to do that 😉 ) As my gift I got a mystery bag that was worth €35. So I ordered for €40 and got a gift worth €35, I was stoked! They also send you your bill inside a personalized card, that’s really sweet.

It came wrapped in bubble wrap and with a nice pink paper covering it.

I’ll show you what I ordered.

I Heart Chocolate

The one thing I really wanted was the I HEART MAKEUP I Heart Chocolate eyeshadow palette for €9, 49.

Top row
Middle row
Bottom row

I had heard a lot about the chocolate palettes from I HEART MAKEUP. This one is supposed to be a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. If you put the pictures next to each other, you can clearly see that it is exact that. I don’t have the Chocolate Bar but I heard amazing this about it. Even though it’s been out for a few years, I still see a lot of bloggers and YouTubers who claim it’s their favourite. Because I want the Chocolate Bar so bad and don’t have the money for it, I went for the next big thing. I heard a lot of great things about the I HEART MAKEUP palette as well so I’m very excited.

New-Trals vs Neutrals

The next thing I ordered is the MAKEUP REVOLUTION New-Trals vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette.

Top row
Bottom row

This one is supposed to be inspired off the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. This one is another cult classic. I’m just a student, I can’t afford to buy palettes that cost $42. So I went for the €8, 49 alternative. I used it for the first time yesterday and I’m impressed already, I’m excited to play with it some more.

The next thing I really wanted was another eyeshadow palette. You have to know that I’m actually not really an eyeshadow girl. I have hooded eyes so my eyeshadow is most of the time barely visible and creases very easily. But lately I really wanted some more iconic eyeshadow palettes, they are just so pretty.

Ultra Eye Contour Light and Shade palette

So, the palette I got was the MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra Eye Contour Light and Shade palette.



It’s a dupe for Kat von D’s Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette.

Maybe you’ve heard about it but Kat Von D has called out Makeup Revolution for ripping off her palette. Makeup Revolution’s whole deal is creating affordable versions of popular makeup for people who can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup. So Kat Von D took to Instagram to rant. She posted a picture of both palettes so you can see for yourself how much they are alike. Later, she even posted a video on YouTube where she explains why she is so upset about the copycat.

I paid for the MAKEUP REVOLUTION palette €9, 95 which was the most expensive item from my haul. The original KVD palette is €48. That’s a big difference. I’d rather spend €38 on something else.


Those three palettes were the main reason why I wanted to order on Boozyshop. But I wanted to get the free gift and free shipping so I scanned my wish list for items I dared to try order online.

Skin Kiss

The first thing I picked is the MAKEUP REVOLUTION Skin Kiss Highlighter in Ice Kiss.

In the picture online it looked straight up green. But I saw sophdoesnails on YouTube use this highlighter on her channel and she really loved it. She said it was comparable with Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost in Ice Cold. I love Jeffree Star but his products are expensive. I’m sure I will on one point buy one of his liquid lipsticks but I’m not quite there yet. So I wanted to try the MAKEUP REVOLUTION one.

The highlighter cost €6, 49 and the pan is huge so I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Honey Queen

Because I still wasn’t at €40, I chose one more product. I chose the W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher. It looked like a nice blush. The packaging is clearly inspired from Benefit’s boxes but I thought it was cute. The blush cost €5, 99 and was just enough to pass the €40 mark.

Now onto the mystery bag. I got the Black Friday mystery bag worth €35. Maybe you know but Black Friday was in November of 2016. That’s almost 5 months ago. But you don’t hear me complaining, I got a €35 gift.

Pro Glow

The first thing in the mystery bag was the FREEDOM Pro Glow in Purr.


I wasn’t really sure what it was. It looks a little bit like the Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer so I thought it was a bronzer. But the name said glow so I was confused. When I swatched I still wasn’t sure.

In some lighting it looks like really pretty blush, in other lighting it’s more like a highlight. If I look at the website, it’s categorized as a highlighter but I’m pretty sure one for deeper skin tones. I’m intrigued by it and will further investigate what the meaning of this product is. The item is no longer on the Boozyshop website but if I look at the TAMBEAUTY website, it says €4.91.


Mono eyeshadow

The next item in the bag was a MAKEUP REVOLUTION Mono eyeshadow GO! From the scandalous collection. It’s a bright green eyeshadow. Like, acid green. I will probably never wear a colour like this one. But if I want a bright green eye, I have it right here. The Makeup Revolution mono eyeshadows are €1.39 on the TAMBEAUTY site.

Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer

Next we have a lip gloss. It’s from MAKEUP REVOLUTION and they call it a Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in the colour: No Ordinary Love. It’s a bright pink lip gloss and it looks very pigmented if I look at the swatch on my arm. I’m not really into glosses so I’m not sure if I will wear this one. I don’t really know what to do with it. The gloss costs €4.94 but is currently on sale for €1.64 on the TAMBEAUTY website.


I also received two MAKEUP REVOLUTION lipsticks in my mystery bag. One is in the colour sweetheart, the other in Enchant. Sweetheart is a sheer pink colour, enchant is a little bit more opaque and is a purply-pink. These lipsticks cost €1.49.

The One Contour Stick

I have wanted to try cream contouring for a while now but finding a cream contour colour at the drugstore isn’t that easy. Especially finding one that isn’t too orange. So I was very happy to find the MAKEUP REVOLUTION The One Contour Stick in my mystery bag. It feels very creamy and looks very pigmented. If it works for me, I’ll have to try. This stick retails for €6.49 on the Boozyshop website.


The One Highlight Stick

I also received the corresponding highlight with the cream contour stick. It’s the MAKEUP REVOLUTION The One Highlight Stick. I’m new to cream highlighting too, I’ve only tried the liquid Maybelline one. This stick costs as much as the contour one, €6.49.


The One Foundation

I also got the MAKEUP REVOLUTION The One Foundation. I received it in shade 7. I don’t know if that is the right shade for me. I’ve read a few reviews on this foundation and I haven’t seen one that said it was ok. I’ll have to try it out for myself. I’m going to wait though. Since it’s shade 7, I’ll wait until the summer so that maybe the shade fill fit me a bit better. They don’t sell it anymore so I can’t check how much it would cost.

Nail polish

Lastly I got two nail polishes. One from I HEART MAKEUP it’s a Nail Geek and is called Notebook. It’s a very nude nail polish. I’m wearing nail polish now and I’m not ready to take it off, so I’ll try it later.


The other nail polish is from MAKEUP REVOLUTION and it’s a glitter nail polish in Smooth Operator. It’s red and glittery. It’s not really my style. Maybe I’ll wear it on Christmas or Valentine’s Day next year. It’s a good polish to have in my stash.


It’s very obvious that the items in the mystery bag are being given as gifts because they can’t sell them anymore or because they aren’t popular. Nevertheless, I’m still happy with most of the stuff I got and I will try to test them all.

I’m very happy with my order from Boozyshop. And I’ll probably order from them again, it was very pleasant.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly



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