Hello everyone!

Here I am again with my monthly favourites.

Favorites - skincare

  • Apivita propolis mask



The first thing I really enjoyed this month is the propolis mask from the Greek brand Apivita. You can find this brand in some pharmacies. I use this against acne and it’s amazing to clear up bumpy skin. Everyone in my family uses it when they have some zits, it’s amazing. Propolis has antibacterial characteristics so it helps to clean up the skin.

  • Korres Guava lip butter



The next product is my Korres lip butter. This lip butter is amazing. I use this every evening before I go to bed. I have often very dry lips but since I use this lip butter every day I’ve noticed that my lips are a lot less dry. It’s very moisturizing so I also use it a lot to take off liquid lipstick.

  • Argan face mask

If you read my ‘What’s in my travel make-up bag’ you know that I went to Marrakech in the beginning of April. When we were there we bought a mask made of argan oil. It’s an amazing mask. It’s so moisturizing. My dry skin feels amazingly soft after I’ve used this mask. It also smells amazing. It doesn’t really have a food smell but it smells delicious! I really recommend products made with argan oil, it’s great for the skin.

  • Tweezers



The last item isn’t really skincare but depilating is part of skincare right? I don’t have one of those make-up mirrors with built-in lights but when I was in Marrakech I had one in the bathroom. I noticed the difference that little light makes when trying to find stray hairs. So, when I got home I went out and bought tweezers with a built-in light to help find stray hairs. I’ve already found some great ones. The tweezers themselves aren’t that great but the little light is amazing. I totally recommend tweezers with a little light.

Favorites - beauty

  • Physiscians Formula Butter bronzer

Earlier this month I finally got the Butter Bronzer by Physicians Formula and I’ve been obsessed eversince. I don’t like the smell but the bronzer itself is amazing. It has great pigmentation and it gives a nice subtle tan to my pale face. I just keep it far away from my nose when I use it.

  • H&M nagellak

The last beauty thing is this blue nail polish by H&M and it’s called Spanish Bluebell. I’m not really into colourful nail polish but this is one of my exceptions. This is a stunning colour. I really love the H&M nail polishes. They have a really nice wand and their formula is really good. The colour stays on really well and keeps looking nice for almost an entire week.

Favorites - music

This is the segment with the most items. April hasn’t been an easy month for me. Music has been really important for me to help me through everything I’ve been going trough. All theses songs have helped me stay strong this month in their own way. Either taking my mind to an entire different place or actually dealing with my hurt.

  • Moulin Rouge! – Come What May

The first song is actually from the soundtrack of the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge!. I was listening to the entire soundtrack on Spotify and I was instantly hooked on this song. It’s so beautiful. I’ve had difficulties with romantic songs but this one went straight to my heart.

  • Chainsmokers – The One

Lately I’ve been really loving all of Chainsmokers’s songs. I really like this new one. It’s a song that talks about a failed relationship without it sounding too sad, I like that. It’s easy listening about a sad topic.

  • Harry Styles – Sign of the times

I’ve never been a fan of One Direction but I like Zayn’s new music. I heard this song on my shuffle mode on Spotify and I really like it. It’s nothing like a One Direction song. I feel that both Zayn and Harry Styles grew up since One Direction. It’s a sad song but it doesn’t make me feel sad, it makes me feel mature. It makes me feel like I know life and I’m experienced, which is not the case.

  • Lady Gaga – The Cure

I’ve been a fan of Lady Gaga ever since the beginning of her career. I really like this new song of hers. In the beginning I didn’t even realise it was a Lady Gaga song.

  • Matoma, FRENSHIP – Knives

I’ve been obsessed with this song. I’ve been pretending I’m at some kind of club whenever I hear this song because I love it so much. It’s basically been on repeat for an entire week.

  • Ed Sheeran – Happier

I’ve been feeling so much feelings with this song. It translates almost perfectly what I feel right now. It’s so sad and I feel so sad when I hear it but I can’t stop listening to it. It reminds me of why I’m so strong.

Favorites - movies

This month I’ve actually watched some movies.

  • Dirty 30


dirty 30

The first movie I watched was Dirty 30. It’s a movie made by YouTubers Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. I’ve been really into these three YouTubers the past month because they are just so damn funny. I really enjoyed their movie, their humour is spot on.

  • Life Of Pi



The next movie I saw was Life Of Pi. It was actually the second time I watched this movie. I’ve read the book by Yann Martel for my Dutch class and when the movie came out I saw it with my brother. I loved the book and enjoyed the movie just as much. It’s a psychological movie without becoming too boring or too deep. It goes deep without you even noticing. It feels like a fantasy story until the last few scenes.

Favorites - books

  • Hotel Hartzeer by Susan Smit & Marion Pauw


hotel hartzeer

My best friend bought this book for me. She suddenly just send me the link to the e-book she had purchased for me. It’s a Dutch book about dealing with heartbreak. When something terrible happens to you, you always feel alone. You feel like no one could possible understand what you’re going through because it’s al so personal. And it is. It is so personal but heartbreak and grieving is also universal. I never realised how universal it is until I started reading their book. I was hooked as soon as I read the prologue. I really recommend it to my Dutch speaking broken hearts. For international readers, if you’re going through a though break – up, I really recommend talking to someone. A friend or a therapist or find a book like Hotel Hartzeer in your language that can help you deal with your pain.

These were the things I enjoyed in April. I hope you had a great month!

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly



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