Hello everyone!

I’ve been a bad girl. I couldn’t help myself and bought more make-up. I couldn’t possibly need anything else but I wanted it. I really wanted it so in my mind it was justified. I’m also going to test a few new things so if you look at it like that it may be ok. I mostly buy cheap make-up but it gets surprisingly expensive at the cash register after a while. Let’s look at what I got!

The first items are from Kruidvat. This is a cheap drugstore you can find in Belgium and The Netherlands. They have a variety of drugstore make-up.

The first item isn’t really make-up. I picked up a toner from Nivea. It’s the soothing toner for dry or sensitive skin. It’s supposed to purify and hydrate the skin. It has almond oil and Hydra IQ in it. I’ve never used a toner before and I guess you’re supposed to. So I decided to try this one since it wasn’t the most expensive one. If I don’t like this step I won’t have to cry over lost money since this one only cost €4,19.



The next item I got is a blush. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another blush because I almost never wear blush. But when I saw this essence matt touch blush, I couldn’t help myself. The essence blushes are only €2,59 so I couldn’t pass up this lovely colour. I got the colour 30 rose me up! and it’s basically a pale pink-brown colour. It’s so subtle I think I’ll be able to wear it. I have other essence blushes and they are honestly my favourite. The colours are beautiful but they are very pigmented. You have to use a very light and careful hand. When I got home I noticed that the packaging is broken so now it doesn’t close anymore. I don’t know if I got a broken one or if it broke on the way home. I plan on buying a magnetic palette to keep all my loose pans so if I get that, I’m going to depot this blush.

The next essence product is their make me brow. I never do my eyebrows. I have one eyebrow that isn’t completely right and I feel that when I do my eyebrows, they look extra weird because of that. But I thougth that maybe a simple brow gel could keep my eyebrows in place without looking too weird. I’ve heard from a lot of YouTubers that this is a very good eyebrow gel so I wanted to try it. I got the colour 03 soft browny brows. I hope it’s a good colour for me, I’m afraid to go too dark. This eyebrow gel costs €2,59.



The next product is the essence longlasting lipstick in the colour 26 all – time favourite. I’ve heard that the essence lipsticks aren’t that bad. Since I couldn’t find a colour I liked in the matt matt matt collection, I decided to go with the longlasting line. These lipsticks are €2,39. It looks like a cool – toned mauve colour, a great addition to my collection.



The last essence product is their The cushion eyeliner in black. I’ve never tried gel eyeliner and I wanted to try it. But gel eyeliner is rather expensive and I didn’t know if I was ready to commit to that. When I saw essence had eyeliner in a little pot, I decided to try that one. This liner cost only €2,99. I want to know if I like eyeliner in a pot and if I’m able to do a wing with it. If I like this, maybe I’ll try real gel eyeliner.



The next product I got is the Maybelline Color tattoo in Crème de Rose. This is supposed to be a dupe for the MAC paint pot in painterly I think. Many people use this to prime their eyelids so I wanted to try it. I think it will also be a beautiful colour to just wear on casual day. These color tattoos aren’t very cheap, they are €9,99.



The next items are from MUA and they are the MUA LUXE Velvet lip lacquers. I got two shades. First, I got the shade Unity, which looks like a cool grey – purple. I thought this was a very unique colour and I hope it suits me. The other colour I got is Harmony. This looks like a browny nude so I hope it actually is a nude on me and doesn’t look ridiculous. These liquid lipsticks are €4,99.

The next item I got is the Catrice Prime and Fine anti-red base. I’ve tried some primers from Catrice before and I love their beautifying primer in the pink tube, that one is great but I don’t love their smoothing refiner in the pot. Since my skin and mostly my cheeks are very red, I wanted to try this primer and see if it helps. The primer cost me €4,59.



The last thing I got at Kruidvat was a complete surprise for me. First I see a little Wet ‘n Wild stand, completely empty. I’m like: They have Wet ‘n Wild here? Then I see these big ass palettes from Makeup Revolution and again I’m like: They have Makeup Revolution here? I thought Kruidvat didn’t sell Makeup Revolution? And then, the best surprise yet. I see, on the stand with the big ass MR palettes, a crap load of I Hear Makeup Chocolate bars. I instantly get excited of course and I almost wet my pants when I saw that they had the salted caramel one. That was the one I wanted to get next! They only had the salted caramel one and the naked one (that’s the next one I want to get). I’m so freaking excited! Since it’s almost mother’s day, this palette was on sale for only €7,99 which is a bargain. If you get them on Boozyshop, they are €9,49.

The next items are from Di. I only got two items. The first item is the L’Oréal Infallible fixing mist. I’ve never tried a setting spray but I’ve wanted to try one for a while now. I decided to try this one from L’Oréal. It’s supposed to be used after you apply your make-up to keep it looking great all day. Because I have long days at school, a setting spray could be a great way to keep looking good even at the end of a long day of classes. The setting spray cost me €11,99.



The next item I got is the Park Avenue Loose powder in mat. It’s supposed to be a matte loose setting powder. Park avenue is a Belgian brand that I’ve never seen outside of Di and it looks actually really nice. I’ve wanted a loose setting powder for a while now but they are difficult to find at the drugstore. It originally cost €9,99 but since there was a promotion on Park Avenue, it only cost €7,99. I still had a coupon of €5,63 so I think this was a great deal.



My mother works in a pharmacy where they sell T.LeClerc, a French make-up brand. My favourite foundation is from T.LeClerc because they have my exact shade match. Since I finished my foundation, I got another one. This is the Hydrating Fluid foundation with SPF 20. My shade is 02 Clair Rosé. It’s slightly more pink so it looks more natural on my skin. This foundation retails for €38, which is rather pricy.

The next item I got is also from T.LeClerc. It’s their Poudre Compacte in Translucide. This is basically a pressed translucid powder. If I can get high-end powder from my mothers pharmacy for free, I’m not going to pay for drugstore powder. (I got this after the loose powder) So, I stocked up on translucid powder. Since I got this from the test-stand, I don’t know the exact price but I think it’s around €40.



The next items in my haul aren’t beauty related at all. I stopped by H&M and picked up some pieces. I really wanted a pair of nice yoga pants and I think I found a pair in H&M. I’m not very athletic but when I do practice sports, I want to have nice leggings. They are just a pair of plain black yoga pants. Technically they are training leggings but I call them yoga pants. I got them in a size small and they were €19,99.



The next piece I got is a onepiece. I really love the one-piece trend. I think they are very flattering on a lot of bodies. I got this khaki bathing suit with crochet detailing at the midsection and at the top. It looks very flattering on and I can’t wait to wear it at the beach. It’s a rather thin material so you can see my nipples through the top since it isn’t padded. I’m glad it isn’t padded because most of the time, that doesn’t look nice but I just hope that my titties won’t constantly call everyones attention in this bathing suit. It cost me €24,99.



The very last piece of this haul is another bathing suit. I saw this amazing top and I knew I just had to have it. It looks so cool! It’s really gorgeous. It’s a white triangle shaped bikini with an elastic that keeps everything together under your boobs. The white, thin straps cross in the back. This one is padded but I don’t know if I’m going to keep them in. Sadly they didn’t have the bottoms anymore in my size so I just got the top. I’ll have to look in my collection if I have bottoms that go with this top, if not I’ll have to get other bottoms to wear with this one. I’m so excited to wear it this summer. The bikini top cost me €14,99.



After this crazy haul that was kind of all over the place, it’s once again time to say goodbye. I hope you liked it. I know I love hauls, I love to know what people buy 😉

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


1 thought on “HAUL”

  1. Too bad the Essence blush packaging broke – that’s a lovely looking blush!
    Wow, that Makeup Revolution I Hear Makeup Chocolate palette is such a knock off of the Too Faced. I love that packaging!
    I’m envious you can get T.LeClerc for free! 😮


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