Hello everyone!

A couple of times a year my mom and I go to fashion sales. These are sales that fashion distributors organise to sell the clothes they used to sell the new collection with to stores. They are always the same size clothes so if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. These clothes are most of the time almost three times cheaper than their retail price. But because it’s mostly high end brands, it’s still pretty pricey.

Last week we went to a really big sale where they sell a lot of brands. We both got some amazing stuff. I’ll always link the website of the brand or an item that is closest to what I got.

  • Black jeans

The first item I got are some amazing black jeans by 7 for all mankind. These are for the 2017 winter collection but black jeans are always great. They are in the style Rozie and are from the b(air) collection. B(air) is a collection inside 7FAM and the slogan is “Feels weightless. Looks flawless.” And that’s so true! These jeans fit amazing, they are super stretchy, they make my butt look good and are honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans I own. They are simple black jeans with a straight leg and they sit just above my hips.



Unfortunately they are a little bit too long so I will have to alter them a bit. That’s one of the downsides of the fashion sales.

I think I paid around €75 for them in the sale and when you look online, you can see that Rozie’s from 7FAM are €200. That’s a great deal.


  • Denim shorts

The next item I got are a pair of denim shorts. These are by the brand AG – ED DENIM. They are in the style The Alex and are classified as vintage boyfriend shorts. They are just regular denim shorts, rolled up at the bottom. They don’t have a zipper but have buttons like in man’s jeans. They are so comfortable, it’s amazing. They make my butt look great and have an amazing length.



I paid around €50 for these shorts and on the website they are €158.


  • Blue shirt

The next item is by the same brand as the shorts. It’s by AG ADRIANO GOLDSCHMIED and it’s a dark blue shirt with an open – back. It has white splatters on it and sleeves that reach my elbows. There was an extra note attached to it about the dye. “This garment has been yarn – dyed in indigo to achieve a rich, saturated shade of blue that will break in naturally over time for a one – of – a – kind appearance. This unique quality means that the dye may transfer to other materials, so take care when wearing with light – colored textiles.”

Even though it’s for the winter collection I think it will look amazing this summer. Paired with a bikini or my hot pink bralette it will look great.

Since they cut off the tag I don’t know what it’s called or how much it costed but I will link the website below.


  • Handbag

The next item I got is a handbag. It’s a cross – body bag by DKNY. It’s in a dark navy and the inside is tan. It has a white accent and a black strap. It’s real leather and feels very nice.



It cost me €65. Of course I couldn’t find this model because it isn’t available on the site yet but I linked the DKNY bags.


I know it isn’t always fun to see things that haven’t come out yet but I bought basics, like I do most of the time. All these brands are great brands and the quality is amazing so I advise you to check them out. If you ever have the chance to go to a fashion sale, I highly recommend it, it’s so worth it.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


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