Hello everyone!

Last week I uploaded a haul where I got a lot of make-up from the drugstore. Today I’m doing a full face of first impressions with these items. It’s the first time I’m using these products so you’ll get my real first impression of them.

Let’s start!

I already moisturized my face. Normally I always do my face first but because I don’t know how these eyeshadows will behave, I decided to start with my eyes.

1. Start.JPG

I decided to use the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Crème de Rose as an eye base. I applied the product with my finger since I thought that would be the best method.

At first it was a little hard to get product on my finger because it was a virgin pot, I hadn’t even swatched it. But after some rubbing I got it on my finger. In the pot it looks like a dusky rose colour, on my finger it looked a little lilac with a hint of grey. I got apprehensive but still applied it to my eye.

It was very easy to apply. When it got on my eyelids, the colour was like the product in the pot. It looked like it blended in with the skin of my eyelids, which is great as a base. It covered the veins on my eyelids beautifully. I’ll definitely keep using this product.

2. Color Tattoo (2)

I decided to set this product with my new loose powder from Park Avenue. The Color Tattoo doesn’t feel tacky but because I have hooded eyes and eyeshadow creases very easily with me, I decided to set it.

With the powder you get a little powder puff which I’ll probably never use because I never set my whole face. The little strainer-thingy which keeps the powder from going everywhere was closed off with a sticker so it was very clean. It was very easy to get the product in the lid and I applied it with a brush to my eyelids. It worked great.

For eyeshadow I used my new I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel palette.

I started with the colour ‘perfect’ in the crease and applied this with a big fluffy blending brush.


After that I applied the ‘heavenly’ to the entire lid to get the base colour I had back. I applied this with a flat eyeshadow brush.

I applied the colour ‘caramel’ with my finger to the centre of my lid. It looked really intense gold on my finger but didn’t transfer that intense to my lid.

I blended the line between my crease and ‘caramel’ with ‘perfect’.


I applied ‘drizzle’ in the outer v of my eye to give a little bit more definition.

Lastly I applied ‘yum!’ to the inner corner of my eye.

I’m glad I applied my eyeshadow before I did my base because there was a little bit of fallout. The colours blended really beautiful.

Next I decided to try the essence cushion eyeliner. This is the first time I applied eyeliner out of a pot, I’ve always used felt tip pens or liquid eyeliner. I used a little angled brush from H&M and dipped it in the cushion. It was very easy to apply, it was surprisingly easy actually. The liner gave amazing colour payoff! It was very intense black. I still have to practice with making a wing but since this is only my first try, I’m feeling very proud of myself.

5 (1).JPG

Next I’m priming my face. I’ve wanted to try an anti-redness primer for a while now because of my red cheeks. When I squeezed the product out of the tube, I almost fell over. This isn’t green! This is turquoise! I still applied it to my face and it distributed nice. It of course didn’t instantly diminish the redness but maybe it’ll help once there is foundation on top.


Next I’m using the T. Leclerc Hydrating Fluid Foundation in 02 Clair Rosé. The colour match is great. My face isn’t exactly the same colour as my neck, but it naturally isn’t. It gives a very natural, dewy finish.

My cheeks need a second coat of foundation like always.


Update on the primer: I applied my foundation with a beauty sponge and it actually picked off the colour of the primer, it became this ugly colour. I don’t know if it’s the fault of the beauty sponge since it isn’t a great one or if it’s the primer. I will further test it out.

I didn’t have a new concealer so I just used my NYX HD concealer. I set my concealer with the loose powder and it looked great. I also applied some ‘heavenly’ and ‘drizzle’ under my lower lash line to finish off the eye look and applied some essence long lasting eye pencil in Say Hi Light in my waterline. I finished my eyes of with my Kiko Extra Sculpt mascara.

For bronzer I used the Physicians Formula Butter bronzer because I didn’t have new one.


The essence blush in rose me up! looks very natural. It doesn’t look weird on my slightly red cheeks.

I also applied the MUA highlighter in Pink Shimmer since I didn’t get a new highlighter.


I combed my eyebrows and applied the essence Make me brow. It feels very wet and cold when I apply it. It looks like the gel is just a hint too light but it isn’t that noticeable. It looks very natural and now my eyebrows will hopefully stay in place. I included a picture of my right eyebrow which will hopefully explain why I normally don’t do my brows.


I decided to try all three lipsticks. I started with the essence long lasting lipstick in all-time favourite. It’s a beautiful colour and is very opaque in a few swipes on the lips. It feels very moisturizing on the lips, which is great. It does have a little bit of a weird smell.


Next I tried the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer which are supposed to be matte liquid lipsticks. I started off with Harmony. Harmony is a beautiful peachy colour. They do have an almost sickly sweet smell which I’m not a fan off but once they are on your lips for a while you don’t smell it anymore. It’s opaque in one coat and it dries very fast.


Next I tried Unity. This is a white-based lilac colour. It’s a beautiful colour but because it’s white-based it makes your teeth looks yellow. This one is less opaque than Harmony but still, one coat is enough. It dries equally as fast. They feel very comfortable on the lips they are drying of course but I can put almost anything on my lips.


Update on these: They are a pain in the ass to take off! I tried my normal product, I tried my lipbutter which works normally great to take off liquid lipsticks, nothing worked! They just stayed on my skin, both the swatches on my hand as the product on my lips. I was so desperate that I took the first straight up oil I could find, which was for striae, and applied that to my lips. It tasted horrible and I don’t recommend putting oil for external use only on your lips but it took it off! Thank god!

Lastly I tried the L’Oréal setting spray. I held it a good 30cm away from my face and sprayed once. It wasn’t a mist, it was straight up product in thick droplets on my face. I think I’ll have to use the nozzle a bit more before it’ll work properly but like this, it isn’t a good look.

18. Einde

This is the finished look. I had a lot of fun trying all these new products. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly




  1. Great full face walk through of everything! Your eye makeup look especially nice – well done with the liner. 🙂
    I didn’t like the L’Oreal setting spray – the spray nozzle isn’t good. I actually had to pour mine out into another bottle to use because the mist wasn’t fine.


  2. Hello,Beautiful well written blog post I have just given your blog a follow thank you for shearing.


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