Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to share my ColourPop collection with you. ColouPop is one of my favorite make-up brands, not only for their quality products but also because of their originality.

ColourPop is a Los Angeles based make-up company founded in 2014. They are very wallet friendly (a liquid lipstick for $6 is a bargain) and cruelty free.

In their funny ‘about us’ on their site they claim to like long walks on the beach, sipping margaritas and swatching Lippies in the moonlight. Every make-up company with humour like that and affordable make-up can just take my money. They say they’re dedicated to creating the best possible products in every shade imaginable (which is true) for their loyal ColourPoppers & ColourPoppettes. As a feminist those last two words are like a warm fuzzy blanket for my heart. Equality is important and that’s why I’m so happy and proud that more men are wearing make-up and becoming the faces for beauty campaigns.

I found out about ColourPop how I found most of my favourites, through YouTube. I’m not entirely sure where I heard about the brand for the first time but it could be on KathleenLights’ channel. (She’s a magnificent queen, you should check her out)

The first time I checked out their site I was blown away by all the pretty colours and affordable make-up. For a college girl without a big paying job that was so attractive to me. The affordableness of it all.

When I saw that they shipped to Belgium I was instantly hooked because not every brand ships here. So I decided to try some of their stuff. I watched a whole lot of YouTube videos to learn about the best stuff and what would work for my skin and complexion. I always do this before I buy make-up. Both packages took around two weeks to get to me which is fine by me.

download (1)When you go to their site: , you can shop for brows where they sell brow pencils and pots. Since I never do my brows I never visit this page.

The next page is the eyes page. They have Pressed Powders, which are their new eyeshadows. Super Shock Shadow, Pressed Pigments, Crème Gel Colour, Crème Gel Liner and brushes.

When I first ordered from them they only had the Super Shock Shadow, Pressed Pigments and their Crème Gel Colour and Crème Gel Liner.

The next page is ‘Lips’. ColourPop is probably best known for their lip stuff. Their Ultra Matte Lip being their most popular finish. They also have Ultra Satin Lips, Ultra Glossy Lip, Ultra Metallic Lip, Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencil  Ultra Blotted Lips and Blotted Lips. I absolutely adore the names they give their lip finishes, it’s so cute.

The last page is ‘Face’. They have blushes, bronzers and highlighters.

You can also always browse the ‘Sale’ page where the products that are being discontinued are listed and on sale. For their most popular products you can go to their best sellers. ColourPop often does value sets. These are sets of products from a certain collection that are cheaper because you buy them in bundles. This is great when you like all the shades because it saves you some money.


So now onto my own ColourPop collection!

What I love about ColourPop’s packaging is the sleek look of the white with the little details and the holographic writing. Every kind of product has its own colour code on the sides of the packaging which is very handy. For the ones I own it’s the following: Super Shock Shadow = teal; Super Shock Cheek = peach; Ultra Matte Lip = red; Ultra Satin Lip = yellow; Lippie Stix = purple.

We’ll start with eye stuff. I own five Super Shock Shadows. They retail for $5.00 for 2,1g. The Super Shock Shadows are not your average eyeshadows. They are not powders but they are not cream eyeshadows either. That’s what makes them so unique. They feel super soft to the touch but are almost impossible to pick up with a brush. They are best applied with your fingers. While this is the easiest method, I don’t like it. You lose a lot of product on your finger and the application isn’t precise. These eyeshadows are perfect for all over the lid or on the centre of the lid or the inner corner but applying it in your crease can be a struggle if you’re not used to doing your eyeshadow with your fingers. When applied to your eyes they do blend very easily and they are very buildable.


The first one I purchased was WEENIE WEENIE-1.JPG

Weenie was part of the KathleenLights collaboration with ColourPop called ‘Where The Night Is’. The shadows in this quad were also released as singles and that’s what I bought.

Weenie is advertised as ‘A true metallic rose gold’ on ColourPop’s website. It has a five heart rating and Youtuber Jamie Paige mentioned it as one of her favourite ColourPop products so that’s why I decided to buy it.

I like this colour. It’s slightly more coppery and less pink than I’d liked it to be but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy wearing it. I like wearing it all over the lid with a brown crease colour or just in the centre of the lid when I do a brown and pink smoky eye.

The next four shadows were all purchased on my second order.

The first one is WATTLES. WATTLES-1.JPG

On the site they summarize Wattles as following: Waddle on over and check out this dusty satin beige pink.

That’s what I also enjoy so much about ColourPop’s website, their humour is fantastic. Their descriptions for some of their products is just hilarious.

A lot of people said that Wattles was one of their favourite colours so that’s why I decided to check it out. It looks like a light pink on the site but it is darker in my pot.

It doesn’t have that many glitters as Weenie but it does have a sheen that gives it a slight glittery feeling. I like this one all over the lid for an everyday look.


Cornelious was part of KathleenLights first quad with ColourPop called ‘Where The Light Is’ and was called after her dog Cornelious, it is also part of the Peachy Keen quad and Perfectly Peach sets that recently came out.

I heard all around YouTube that ColourPop’s shimmers were amazing which I knew already from Weenie and that their mattes were just so-so. But the daredevil that I am, I decided to try one matte in this order. They call Cornelious ‘A matte warm caramel’ and they weren’t lying. Cornelious is a perfect caramel crease colour but like I mentioned before these shadows aren’t very easy to precisely apply. I love the colour and I love how it blends. Because it isn’t as pigmented as the shimmers it is perfect for in the crease and to blend away but I’m still looking for the perfect application technique so I don’t screw up my whole eye or eyeshadow.

The next eyeshadow is AMAZE. AMAZE-1.JPG

‘This metallic peachy gold with multi-coloured glitter will like totally amaze you’ I read this description and I was like: “Yes please!”

I can see the glitter but the shadow itself is much more gold than peach in my opinion. I still really like the colour but I still have to play a little more with it.

The very last Super Shock Shadow is PUPPY LOVE. PUPPY LOVE-1.JPG

Because I love every dog in the whole world I almost forced myself to love this colour so I could buy it because it is called puppy love which is the purest and most beautiful love there is in the world and because the pot had a little paw print on it.

This shade together with CATNAP which was its cat variant were charity products. All proceeds from these products were donated to “Best Friends Animal Society and their NKLA effort to Save Them All.” I found Catnap looked a little bit too much like Weenie and I’m not really a cat person so that’s why I only purchased Puppy love. Because these were limited edition, they are no longer available but I still wanted to share it.

It is a soft light peach with an iridescent pink to gold shift and has a pearly sheen. I love the colour and apply it in my inner corner and it looks beautiful.



Now that we’re done with the eyes it’s time for my one face product before we go over to lips.


I bought my very first highlighter from ColourPop and again this shade was recommended by Jamie Paige. I loved her ‘Best of ColourPop’ video and will link the video and her channel at the end of this post. Because she has a similar skin tone to mine I decided to follow her recommendations.

I bought the shade LUNCH MONEY. Their face products are $8.00 each for 4,2g and come in larger pans but similar design than the eyeshadows.


They define this shade as a ‘Soft light gold… lunch $$ well spent’. They have a similar formula to the eyeshadows so I had some trouble in the beginning to pick up product and apply it. I didn’t touch the highlighter for a long time because I didn’t know how to use it. Later I saw someone on YouTube apply it with a wet beauty blender and my life changed. You just dip it in the pan and dab it on your face and you get a perfectly beautiful golden glow. This is one of my favourite highlighters at the moment.


Last but not least there are the lip stuff. Like I said before their lip products are their most popular products and the ones I enjoy the most. It’s no surprise I like the lip stuff the most because I’m a lipstick junkie so I like all lip stuff. I store all my ColourPop lippies in a tall jam pot next to the rest of my lip products, they look so pretty next to each other. I applied all lip products without a lip liner so you can see the true colour.


Let’s start off with their Ultra Matte Lip. They retail for $6.00 for 3,2g. UML-1.JPG

The first one I got was TIMES SQUARE.


It was spelled like TIME SQUARE on the box and the lipstick itself so I had trouble finding it again on the website.

They describe this colour as follow: ‘You’ll always be bright in this muted pink beige that never sleeps’

I wanted to try this one because it was a darker colour and I never used to wear dark colours. The colour is very beautiful but almost never wear it and I don’t know why. I often tell myself I have to wear it more but I like lipsticks better than liquid lipsticks so I can’t help myself.

The Ultra Matte formula is very drying. I have dry lips but I don’t mind a drying liquid lipstick. I literally will put any liquid lipstick on my lips, I just exfoliate before applying and moisturize during the day when I’m not wearing lipstick and every evening.

The second Ultra Matte Lip is VICE.


Vice was in the sale section when I bought it and was what made my order over $50 so I had free shipping. It is since then sold out so no longer available.

It was advertised as a very light pink and because every liquid lipstick I got in my last order had been darker than on the website I thought it was best to try one of their lightest colours.

It is not as much pink as peach. It is so peach that I have to wait until spring and summer are here so I can wear it. It is just too bright to wear in winter. It is also rather patchy and doesn’t apply evenly.


Next are my two Ultra Satin Lips. These are ColourPop’s other liquid lipsticks and they don’t dry down matte. This makes them actually much less drying and more enjoyable to wear. USL-5.JPG

I got both of them in my first order and didn’t order any more because I couldn’t find colours that were my taste.

The first colour is CALYPSO. CALYPSO-2.JPG

They describe Calypso on their site like this: ‘You’ll feel free spirited in this mid-tone pink’. If they call this mid-tone pink I don’t want to know what they think is dark pink. It is so dark it almost borders on red and brown. It is a beautiful colour but much too dark for me. I rarely wear it because it is so dark. It was a dare and I’m still not sure if I’m happy I completed it.

The other Ultra Satin Lip I own is MAGIC WAND. MAGIC WAND-1.JPG

This is the first product I wore when my package arrived. They describe it as ‘A light nude for when you’re in the mood’. When I bought it I thought it would be my perfect nude but it is much darker than in the picture on the site. It is almost a pinker, satin version of Times Square. Even though it was not what I imagined when I ordered it is still my most worn ColourPop liquid lipstick.




Last but certainly not least we have the Lippie Stix. They are $5.00 for 1,0g of product. They are packaged in long white tubes and have a little coloured bottom that’s supposed to be coordinated with the colour inside and it has the name of the colour and its finish on it. They come in six finishes.

  • Sheer (Sheer coverage lipstick with a glossy, emollient and super comfortable feel);
  • Glossy (Medium to full coverage lipstick that is packed with moisture and an extra creamy feel);
  • Crème (Medium to full coverage lipstick with an ultra creamy feel and look that melts onto the lips);
  • Pearlized (Medium to full coverage lipstick with highly reflective pearls that give a Pearlized finish);
  • Satin (Full coverage, long-wearing lipstick that glides on smoothly with a hydrating feel and modern satin finish);
  • Matte (Full coverage lipstick that is super long-wearing, ultra comfortable and loaded with serious pigment in a matte finish);
  • Matte X (Full coverage, SUPER matte lipstick with a silky, lightweight and comfortable feel).

These are by far my most favourite ColourPop formula. They are so opaque and creamy it is a dream. I love them so much, it’s unbelievable. I have eight colours to share with you today.


First up is SHE BAD. SHE BAD-3.JPG

This is my most worn ColourPop product and I love this colour. It is a perfect nude for me. They describe the lipstick like this on their site: ‘She know she bad in this light beige nude’.

It has a slight peachy sheen to it but still a very nice colour. It is a matte X finish but I don’t find it drying. It is extremely matte for a lipstick and very opaque in colour.


Next is CAMI in a matte X finish. CAMI-4.JPG

I bought Cami together with She Bad in my first order and loved it since it arrived. When I opened it the lipstick stuck to the cap so it wasn’t perfect anymore and has since I used it broken. But even though I have to be careful with it, I still like it a ton.

ColourPop describes it as follow on their site: ‘No need to cover up in this cool-toned mauve’

The colour in my tube is a little bit more on the red side than in the picture on the website bit it is still beautiful.


The first colour of my second order is PILLOW TALK. Pillow Talk is another matte X finish.PILLOW TALK-1.JPG

On the ColourPop website they tell you the following: ‘You’ll piss off the neighbours in this brown-greige’. And it is very brown, but a cool brown. It’s very dark on my skin tone but I like it. Normally brown lipsticks don’t suit me but this one on a special occasion is gorgeous. I love it.


The next Lippie Stix is OH SNAP. Oh Snap is a matte finish.


‘Play it naughty or nice in this muted pinky nude.’ It is much lighter in the picture on the website than it is in my tube and on my lips. It looks really nice but it’s more on the purple side and very, very cool-toned.


Another matte X Lippie Stix is BACK UP.


I love purple/ violet lipstick but it was almost impossible to find one. I have another purple but it’s too sheer for my liking. So when I was filling my cart I saw Back Up and thought: “Why not?”

ColourPop describes it like this: ‘Call in the reinforcements! You’re gonna need them when you wear this blue-violet.’

It is very violet and very opaque. So it’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I have my perfect purple for when I want/can wear it.


Next we have SKIMPY. Skimpy is the only one I own in a glossy finish. SKIMPY-1.JPG

‘Bare it all with this soft pinky nude.’ It is very nude. If you’re a little darker than my skin tone it will look as if you have very sheer and patchy concealer on your lips.

I like the colour of skimpy but it’s too sheer for me. Because it’s sheer and glossy you can easily see your lips through in certain areas. I almost wear it like a lip balm.

It is now in the sales section for $4.00 so if you want it you have to hurry!


Second to last is TOOTSI. Tootsi is another matte. TOOTSI-2.JPG

This is also one of my favourites. ColourPop describes Tootsi like this: ‘We want to see your Tootsi roll in this pinky greige.’

It is indeed a pinky greige and rather true to the picture on the website. I love how different it is and it looks really nice with my skin and my everyday make-up. I get a lot of compliments on it when I wear it.


The very last Lippie Stix and the last ColourPop product in my collection is the AQUARIUS Lippie Stix. It’s in a crème finish. AQUARIUS-2.JPG

This is another one of KathleenLights collaborations with ColourPop and she said it was her favourite everyday lipstick. So I decided to get it and I’m a little disappointed. On the website they describe it as ‘A soft pinky nude’. On the picture it’s a muted old pink on the tube but in reality it’s more like a light brown.

It’s my only crème finish and maybe that’s why I have the following problem but I couldn’t find anyone else who had the same. Normally the ColourPop Lippie Stix have either no smell or a normal lipstick smell but this one stank! Skimpy had the same smell but Aquarius was the worst. It smelt so strongly of sickly sweet caramel that I couldn’t wear it. I have tried to descent it (a post about descenting lipstick is on my list) and now it’s much better but the smell stayed a little bit and I hate it so much. I still wear the lipstick because it’s a beautiful colour and Kathleen was right when she said that it’s a perfect everyday colour.



So, that was my entire ColourPop collection. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something from it. I really recommend the ColourPop products but always read reviews, both from blogs and on YouTube and also read the reviews on the site at the product you’re looking at because the pictures are not exactly the right colours.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly



KathleenLights’ channel:

Jamie Paige’s channel:

Jamie Paige’s ‘Best of ColourPop’:

ColourPop website:


  1. I’ve heard a lot about Wattles… looks like a good everyday colour.
    That Puppy Love shade with the paw on the lid is too cute!


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