Hello everyone!

YouTube is a pretty big part of my day. I’m often on there, checking out videos. If I’m bored or I want to be distracted, I always go on YouTube. That’s why today I wanted to share some of my favourite YouTubers with you. If you want to, you can check them out, I recommend all of them.

I’m going to split them up in beauty channels and other channels. I’ll link every channel and a video. I’ll also give a brief description of the channel or explain why I like it so much.

They are in no particular order, I just opened my list of subscribed channels and looked at them from A-Z.


I found this channel when I was looking for swatches of NYX lipsticks I think, I’m not even sure anymore. Emily is a really nice girl and deserves the title of lip swatch queen. Her lip swatch videos are amazing.


I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Bella’s channel but I know it was a while ago. She’s a very sweet Australian YouTuber with nice videos. She also has a series where she talks about unsolved missing person cases and such. If you’re both into beauty and crime, Bella’s channel is amazing.


I discovered Caito when I was looking for swatches of Jeffree Star’s lipsticks. I was hooked immediately. She has a very loud personality and is a blast to watch. I love her Jeffree Star series where she creates a look with every single lipstick.


Freddy is a soft, feminine and very pink British YouTuber. Her videos are very aesthetically pleasing and very calming to watch. I wasn’t sure if I should categorise her channel with beauty or the others but because I mostly watch her for beauty-related content, I put her here.


I discovered Jeffree Star through Nikkie Tutorials when they did a get ready with us. I’m actually really obsessed with his channel. I know there is a lot of controversy around Jeffree and his brand. I’m not saying that what he says is ok but I’m someone who sees things very disconnected from each other. I like his channel, I like his content, I like his honesty, I like how extra he is, I like his humour and I like his make-up.


I found Jessica’s channel through her decluttering series. I’m nosy and I want to know how much make-up people have. I really love her channel, I love her videos. She’s so real. She’s very sweet and is never fake. She’s a teacher and that’s really inspirational, especially because I’m studying to become a teacher. She’s honestly one of my all – time favourites, I watch every single one of her videos.


Kathleen is one of my favourite YouTubers ever. She’s so cute. She’s very sweet and very beautiful. She’s also a dog lover which are major bonus points with me. I watch all of her videos religiously even if the topic doesn’t really interests me.


I watch Lydia mainly for her luxury videos. She has a beautiful wardrobe (a very expensive one) but she’s still very humble and nice about it. I really like her.


Nadi is great. I mostly watch him for his videos about fake make-up. He’s funny and makes short videos. If you love make-up and humour, definitely check him out.


Rachel’s channel is great. She’s really nice and has high quality videos. When you watch her, it’s as if a friend is talking to you about make-up. She’s also very funny. Her videos are always on the long side but I never mind, they are that entertaining.


Shannon is really talented. I originally came here for her lipstick swatches but stayed for all of it. I’m really loving her decluttering series right now.


Sophie has a great channel. I mostly love her because she uses mostly drugstore make-up. For some reason I can really relate to her. I love how daring she is with her make-up. Go give her some love.


Who doesn’t know Tati? She’s like everyone’s make-up mom. Or at least mine. I love her videos. She’s so sweet. She’s always really helpful and gives great make-up tips. She uploads almost every day I think and every video is great quality.


Zoella is OG YouTube. She’s amazing. Her videos are always so colourful and fun to watch. She’s amazingly sweet.



I’ve only recently discovered this channel and I wish I knew about it way earlier. I love science so I automatically love this channel. They explain everything through drawings and in a way that everyone who watches the video can understand what they are talking about.


I love comedy. So I love CollegeHumor. They post sketches and most of them are actually pretty funny.


April goes thrift shopping and then transforms these clothes in new, great looking pieces. I can’t sow but I love to watch her videos.


These guys make the craziest food. It looks absolutely disgusting but at the same time I want to be there in that kitchen with them to eat all of it. If you love junk food, just watch them.


I love love love loooooove dogs. I LOVE them. All of them. So whenever I see a dog that’s mistreated I go into full emotional mode. Hope For Paws goes out onto the streets of Los Angeles to save abandoned dogs. Every time I watch one of their videos I cry like a baby. I want to adopt all of those dogs. Unfortunately I can’t. If you love dogs, please watch their videos. If you plan to get a dog, check your local shelter first. There are a lot of older dogs who also need a home. All dogs deserve a loving home.


Yolanda bakes a cake every Tuesday and they look delicious. They not only look delicious, they also look gorgeous on the outside. If you love cake, check her videos out.


Who doesn’t know Lilly Singh aka Superwoman. She really is a boss ass bitch. Her videos are hilarious. I love her “parents” and I would almost just watch her videos for her hair.


Jenna Marbles is probably one of the most hilarious people on the planet. I love her weird videos, those are the best. I really love her weird, awkward dogs and I love how confident she is. She’s hilarious. If you don’t know her already, I strongly suggest you go and check her out.


I know I haven’t really said something about musical channels while those are mainly the reason I use YouTube. Lately not as much since I discovered Spotify but before that, I was all about the music. Kurt does amazing covers of hot songs in collaboration with amazingly talented people.


A year or two ago I was obsessed with Buzzfeed videos but lately they really aren’t that great anymore, I feel like they kind of lost inspiration. A lot of my favourite people left so there’s that. The only videos I really always like are the LadyLike videos. I loved it when Saf was still in them but they continue to slay.


She’s part of the holy trinity and I love all of them. Mamrie is my favourite of the three because she’s just hilarious. Like, really hilarious. Her jokes are mostly sexually but I like those.


Miranda Sings is amazing, at least she says so herself. I love her videos, they make me laugh every time. If you have Netflix, check her show ‘Haters Back off!’ out, it’s really good.


Safiya was once part of Buzzfeed and helped start up LadyLike, she has since then quit Buzzfeed and now runs her own channel. I followed her there and I really like her videos.


Where to begin with Simply Nailogical. I stumbled upon her channel by accident before it was such a big channel. But I loved it instantly! Cristine’s humour is amazing. I never do nail art but I watch every one of her videos religiously. Came for nails, stayed for the HOLO!


Lastly we have The Key of Awesome. They make great parody videos off new music videos. They are very high quality and very original. I really love them.


These were some of my favourite YouTube channels. I know there are a lot but I just couldn’t choose. I really like all of them. I hope I gave you some new stuff to watch.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


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