Hello everyone!

Today, I’m going to talk about a primer by the drugstore brand Catrice. Catrice is available in many drugstores around the world. Catrice is a cruelty free make-up company originally from Germany and I get my Catrice products at Kruidvat.

I don’t have all of their primers but I have three. I have the PRIME AND FINE Beautifying primer, the Anti-Red base and the smoothing refiner.

I watched a lot of beauty videos and all of the beauty gurus were using primers. They were always talking about how primer changed the whole game and stuff like that. So of course, little old me was like: I need to use primer. Apparently you have to use primer.

So I looked through all of the T.LeClerc samples my mom got and I found a primer. I was so scared to use it because I didn’t want to run out of it. I only used it when I went to a special event and my makeup had to look nice. I always have this problem when I use expensive products, I want them to last forever so I hardly use them, which is wrong. So because I hardly used the T.LeClerc primer I was looking for a drugstore alternative. The very first primer I bought was from Hema. I was a noob so when I saw the word ‘PRIMER’ on the tube I was sold. I never swatched it or read more about the product. That was a mattifying primer, not at all what my skin needs. On top of that it smelled really chemically. So I didn’t like to use it but I still did anyway, I had spent my money on it.


Fast forward around six months. I was browsing the makeup at Kruidvat when I saw that Catrice had primers. I had since found out I didn’t  like the Hema primer and that it was not ideal for my skin so I wanted to try these primers out. The anti-redness primer was out of stock at that moment so I was looking at the rest of them. The one that spoke to me the most was the PRIME AND FINE Beautifying primer.


I’ll quickly run over what the packaging says: Evens skin tone optically, Soft focus effect, longlasting, naturally illuminating. Soft rose primer with light-reflecting pearl pigments and vitamin E instantly gives a luminous glow. The longlasting silky texture illuminates and optically creates a more even skin tone. For a beautiful and healthy looking skin. Improves make up wear. Use alone or under make up. Dermatologically tested.

The product is packaged in a sleek light pink tube. It didn’t come in a box, like most drugstore products. You get 30mL or 1,01fl.oz. The product itself is also a light pink. It’s an illuminating primer and you can instantly see that when you swatch it, it leaves an almost highlighty sheen on your finger after you rub it in. it doesn’t have any glitter in it, which is great. It has a slight perfume scent, but not too overpowering. In Kruidvat, this primer is €4,59.

I always just apply a small squeeze of product with my fingers to my face. It definitely has a natural illuminating quality to it. Your skin instantly looks healthier when you wear this primer. I’ve loved it since the moment I used it for the first time.

It says nowhere on the tube that this primer is hydrating but because it isn’t mattifying, it also isn’t drying. So my dry skin is fine all day when I use this primer. It’s really hard to describe what this primer does for my skin. My makeup looks more beautiful, I look healthier but it’s nothing overly noticeable. It just gives you this gorgeous glow, even under foundation.

If you’re still looking for a good drugstore primer and you can get Catrice where you live, I highly recommend trying it!

I hope this was a bit useful. It’s harder than I thought to review a primer because their effects are almost invisible.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


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