Hello everyone!

I know I don’t talk about high end makeup on my blog and that’s because I don’t have that much. I only have T.LeClerc which I get through my moms job and one product from The Balm. The product I’m going to talk about today is high end but I didn’t pay for it.

My mother has a pharmacy and sometimes she gets samples from companies so she can try them and maybe sell the brand in her pharmacy. One time she got one of those sample packets from Clinique. There was some skincare and a mascara. Because my mom only wears brown mascara, she gave it to me.

The mascara I got is the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. I looked on the Clinique website and a tube of this mascara is $20. They describe it like this: Full volume. Stand – out lashes, maximized in an instant. With every stroke, the over – the – top brush wraps lashes in instant, jaw – dropping drama. This larger – than – life formula is also safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist testes, too. There are two shades available: Black and Extreme Black. I got Extreme Black.



The mascare comes in silver, almost mirror – like packaging. The box had, like a lot of Clinique’s makeup products, a flowery pattern. The tube is very girthy. The brush is ginormous. It’s very long and has a lot of short bristles. The bristles get shorter towards the tip of the brush.

When you go to the Clinique website and you click on ‘Mascara’ you get all of their mascara’s on a line. They are ranged from dramatic to natural. I have a lot and very long lashes. So on an everyday basis I don’t like to wear a mascara that gives immense volume and length because then it looks like I’m wearing false lashes. And I never wear false lashes. This mascara is ranged as the second most dramatic. This is nothing for me. If I didn’t get this for free, I would never have bought it. Thank god, it isn’t lengthening as well.

I’m going to be completely honest, I think I’ve had this mascara for around three years, maybe even more. I know that you can use mascara for about 6 months max but I always use them longer. I use them until they’re dried out or when they start to smell bad. When I first used it I noticed that it had a very runny formula. Normally when the mascara has a runny or watery formula, it dries a little over time. This one didn’t! it’s more than three years old and still as runny as the first time I used it. I used it a couple of times but it was much too dramatic for me to wear to school so I only used it on special occasions. I stopped doing that when people started to ask me if I was wearing false lashes. I just stopped using it and the tube just kept living with my other mascaras.

When you read this and you have very short lashes yourselve, you might think that this mascara is perfect for you. It might be, if you like smudgy and clumpy mascara. Because this mascara is so runny you get so many clumps, it’s insane. You can say what you want but clumpy mascara is never pretty.

I have very watery eyes so every time I wore this mascara out, it was running everywhere. Even when I just wore it around the house, the tiniest touch at your eyes results in mascara everywhere. You look like a raccoon at the end of the day without doing anything. For $20 this shouldn’t be happening. Also, because the brush is so huge you get little specks of black everywhere when you apply your mascara. The tip of the brush always gathered a huge clump of product and got everywhere, even when I tried to clean it off, it stayed on too thick and clumped up my lashes even more. I was never happy with my lashes when I wore this.

I went to look at the reviews the mascara gets on the official Clinique website. It has just over four stars and they say 84% would recommend this mascara to a friend. Everyone says that they get amazing volume, which is true but that it is very clumpy and that the brush isn’t the best there is. There actually are people that don’t mind it, it’s like always a matter of personal preference.

I’m not including any pictures of me wearing this mascara because it’s just too old. I’m not going to risk my eyes for a few pictures.

Honestly, if you want to try this mascara, I won’t stop you. You do get great volume. I just think there are a lot better mascara’s on the market that give you just as much volume and aren’t smudgy or clumpy, even at the drugstore. Don’t waste $20 on this mascara, it isn’t worth it. Mine is going straight in the trash. (It also smells very bad 😉 )

I hope this review helped. I’m going to toss this mascara away and check if I have any other mascara’s that are ancient.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly



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