Today, I’m going to talk about another primer by the drugstore brand Catrice. Catrice is available in many drugstores around the world. Catrice is a cruelty free make-up company originally from Germany and I get my Catrice products at Kruidvat.

I don’t have all of their primers but I have three. I have the PRIME AND FINE Beautifying primer, the Anti-Red base and the smoothing refiner. I talked about the Beautifying primer before on my blog. You can find that post here.


The second primer I purchased from Catrice is the PRIME AND FINE Smoothing refiner. It is meant to use if you want invisible pores and lines. It’s a base for an instantly refined, smooth and soft skin appearance. Makes pores and lines invisible.


Since this little jar has only 14g and costs €4,99 I was a little hesitant at first to buy it. Remember the Beautifying primer had more than double the product and was €0,40 cheaper. I swatched it a couple of times at the store and it felt really nice. It really was blurring the fine lines on my hand. So on a whim, I bought it. I have a few wrinkles on my forehead and my nose is quite textured so I thought it would be perfect to use for that. And since I loved the Beautifying primer so much, this one would have to be perfect as well.

This is another light pink primer. It also has a scent but this one is a lot heavier. The product itself feels very smooth. It applies really nicely and is very soft to the touch.

However. I don’t think it’s that amazing. It does even out my nose a little bit but it doesn’t fill in my pores or fine lines. I also don’t notice a difference in the application of my foundation. It just feels like another cream I’m applying  that doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t even extent the weartime of my makeup. It just sinks right into my skin. I’m using it up but I’ll never repurchase it. It isn’t worth it for me.

I know this review is very short but it’s really all I can say about this product. I don’t recommend it, just get the beautifying primer if you want to try one from Catrice.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly



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