Today, I’m going to talk about another primer by the drugstore brand Catrice. Catrice is available in many drugstores around the world. Catrice is a cruelty free make-up company originally from Germany and I get my Catrice products at Kruidvat.

I don’t have all of their primers but I have three. I have the PRIME AND FINE Beautifying primer, the Anti-Red base and the smoothing refiner. I reviewed both the beautifying primer and the smoothing refiner one already. You can find the posts about them by clicking their links. (Beautifying ; refiner)



Very recently I bought the Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red base. I have very red cheeks. They are so red that they shine through almost every foundation which makes it almost impossible to wear blush. I thought that maybe a colour correcting primer would be good for me. I picked up this one and had the same reasoning I had with the Smoothing refiner one. I love the Beautifying primer, which is in a tube same as this one. There wasn’t a sample of this one so I just grabbed it.


This primer should: Colour correct, Neutralize redness, be longlasting and hydrating. It’s a soft green primer which neutralises redness and gives a longlasting even skin tone. Hydrating and dermatologically tested.

I was like: “Yeah great, anti-redness and hydrating. This is my perfect primer!” I don’t know if you read my full face of first impressions but you can imagine my surprise when the primer isn’t a soft green but straight up turquoise. It also has fine glitters in it that stay on your fingers but don’t transfer on your face.

It’s hydrating, my foundation goes on very smoothly but it isn’t colour correcting. My cheeks get a sickly green colour but because I have to rub it into my cheeks to get it on my skin, my skin gets red and it doesn’t do anything to cover it up. My cheeks are almost as red as without this primer. I bought this primer to be anti-redness and it doesn’t fulfil its promise. I’m going to continue to use it because it’s a hydrating primer and it does a good job at being hydrating and priming. I’ll never repurchase this either, I just ordered a green concealer and that will be my next attempt at reigning in my cheeks.

Another thing I noticed and dislike about this primer: It’s actually not a problem but I have my little rituals and this one breaks one of my favourite. Both the primers have a little sticker on the cap. I don’t like to see the sticker so I always make sure it’s at the back of the tube. to close the Beautifying primer I have to put the cap on with the sticker at the front and then twist it closed. The Anti-Red primer takes half a twist more to close so I have to put it on with the sticker at the back to close it “properly”.

Here you can see the green colour that stays behind after rubbing in the primer.


Since this one wasn’t a succes either, we can conclude that out of the whole Catrice-primer-adventure came forth only one winner: the beautifying primer!

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


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