Hello everyone!

I mentioned in my last Boozyshop haul that I wanted to buy a magnetic palette to put my single eyeshadows in. Since I didn’t want to order just the palette (The shipping was almost as much as the palette itself) I was looking at other products to order a long with the palette. Of course my wish list is incredibly long but I didn’t see something I really, really  wanted. The order for my magnetic palette would have to be postponed until I fell in love with another product as well.

In the meantime I was cleaning out my room and I found a cookie box I got from the boy I tutor. He gave me the cookies after he went to Disneyland Paris with his grandparents. It’s a metal tin from frozen shaped like a book. I ate all the cookies and was thinking of what to do with the box now. I knew I wanted to use it to store makeup in because I’m always looking for new makeup storage ideas.


Suddenly I got the amazing idea that because this was a metal box, I could easily use it to make my own magnetic eyeshadow palette. It’s the perfect size and because it opens like a book it even looks like a palette, it’s just a little bit thicker because it’s supposed to be a book.

The only thing I needed to complete this DIY magnetic palette was magnetic tape. This is easy to find. Just go to your local DIY or hardware store and they should have it. I paid €6 for a whole roll. You simply cut off a piece of the tape, peel off the sticker and stick it to the underside of the pan. After you stuck on the magnet, you just place the pan in the “palette”.


I put all my single blushes from T. LeClerc in my palette. I used to store them in little cardboard boxes so they wouldn’t break but because of that I never used them. Now they sit together in my palette so I can easily reach them. I also put in the single pan eyeshadow from Nabla in Zoe that I got in my last Boozyshop haul. I also had a translucent powder from T. LeClerc and an eyeshadow without name.

I also mentioned in my last drugstore haul that the packaging of my Essence blush was broken so I depotted it and put it in my new “palette”. You can find tutorials on how to depot products everywhere on YouTube. If you still want me to explain, just let me know and I will make a post about how I did it.

I also depotted three T. LeClerc eyeshadows that were part of the T. LeClerc Star palette. I liked the eyeshadows but they were in a palette together with three ugly sticky lip glosses. I hate lipstick in pans or palettes so I never used this palette. I depotted these three eyeshadows, took out the mirror and threw away the rest of the palette.

For the products that I depotted or knew the name of, I made a little sticker that I put on the back of the pan so that if I wanted to know the name of the product I could see it easily on the back.


At first I put magnets on the back of the mirror and put it at the inside of the palette so it looked more professional. But when I grabbed the palette to use it for the first time after I made it, I saw that the magnets had let loose of the mirror and it had fallen onto my shadows. Luckily nothing was broken but I didn’t want to risk that again. So now I put the mirror on the outside of the book. Maybe if I superglue the magnets to the mirror I will put it back at the inside but for now it’s fine. I just put the mirror on there because I had it, I don’t need a mirror because I will never take the palette with me somewhere, it’s just too big.

You can do this at home with any metal surface you have. Maybe you have an old cookie tin or maybe your grandmother collects metal tins (Mine used to do that). Just stick magnets under your pans and you can safely store all your single pans together.

If you don’t want to DIY your palette you can always buy a magnetic palette. They are a great way to store all your single pans or make your own custom palette. I will link a few options if you want to buy one.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


The Boozyshop page with all the empty palettes they sell:

TAMBeauty Freedom palette:


ColourPop palette:


2 thoughts on “DIY MAGNETIC PALETTE”

  1. I’ve made my own palettes out of metal tins – very easy to do and it’s great to have a unique palette that no one else has. Plus, so inexpensive!


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