Hello everyone!

Today I’m here with a review on the beauty products that I got at Primark. You can find my original Primark haul here.

I got four things from their beauty section. The first thing is the PS Bronzing powder. I got this one because it looked like a really pretty bronzer. The colour didn’t look too warm because that’s the problem I have with most bronzers. But it also didn’t look too cool. I was really excited for this one.


This thing was soooo powdery. The moment my brush came in contact with the product, there was powder everywhere but on my brush. Every time after I used it I had to blow away the excess powder off the packaging because if I didn’t my whole drawer would be dirty. There hardly came any pigment on my brush. In general, even with my finger, this product wasn’t at all pigmented. Actually for bronzing that wasn’t that bad. Because I’m so fair I’m really careful with bronzing because I don’t want it to look unnatural.

I have decluttered this product. The reason for this is not because it was powdery or hardly pigmented. It was because of all the fillers. I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought this. I paid €3 for a reasonably sized pan of powder, that’s not very realistic. After I used this a couple of times and the top layer was gone you could clearly see all the fillers they put in this product. You could see the big white specks, it looked like tiny pieces of plastic but I really don’t know. I was okay with that but when I could pull out some kind of hair or thread I was done. I have sensitive skin so I care what I put on it. I don’t know what was in this product but I’m sure it wasn’t cosmetics. I threw it straight in the trash.


Next there was the PS Powder Contour kit. This kit was only €2. You get a contour powder, a bronzer and a banana powder. The tone of these powders was perfect for my skin tone. (The bronzer in this palette is the same as the PS Bronzing powder) I used the contour shade a few times but since I don’t contour on a daily basis, I didn’t use this kit as much as I used the bronzer. One time I tried the banana shade to set my under eye concealer but it was way too dark for me.


The powders behaved the same way as the bronzer did. They were very powdery and not very pigmented. But they did what they claimed to do. You can’t achieve a harsh contour with this kit, it’s very natural since the powders are so unpigmented.

After I saw all the crap that was in the Primark bronzer, I wanted to see if these had as much fillers. I tapped my brush a few times in the contour powder so the top layer would dust away and to no one’s surprise they had the same fillers in them. This product went straight in the trash as well. But I have to give them points for consistency.


I also got a set of two beauty sponges at Primark. At the time I bought these I still used my H&M beauty sponge. I really didn’t like that sponge so I decided to toss that one away and try one of the Primark sponges. I first tried the blue one. I haven’t used the purple one yet, I’ll use that one after the blue one.


I really like this sponge. It doubles in size after I wet it and has a wonderful texture. It applies foundation so well, I’m really impressed. Is use the rounded bottom for my face and the tip for under my eyes or around my nose. I have used it for around a month now and I’m really happy with it. I even clean it every time after I use it so I can keep it longer. I really recommend these, and they were only €2 for the two of them.


The last item is the brush I got. It’s a dupe for the Artis brushes. I didn’t get the biggest one because it was just too big. This one is better proportioned for my face. I’m not entirely convinced. It distributes foundation and blends it in but I always go over with my sponge really quickly. I don’t know why because it does a good job. I think I just don’t like it. It’s just my personal opinion I think, I don’t really have a reason for it.


It feels very soft and the hairs are very dense so it doesn’t absorb that much product and gives a nice coverage. I use it on days that I have to be quick and I don’t have time to bounce my whole face with my sponge.


This was my mini review on all the beauty items I got at Primark. If you have recommendations from the Primark beauty sections, let me know, maybe I’ll try them out.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly

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