Hello everyone!

Another month has passed. Today it’s my time to share the products that I enjoyed during the month of June with you. The month of June meant finals for me so there are not a lot of products here. The truth is, I just walked around bare faced the whole month. There’s no point in wearing makeup when you stay behind your desk all day.

Favorites - beauty

  1. Essence – Make Me Brow


The first product I really enjoyed is the Essence Make Me Brow in Soft Browny Brows. I told you before I never do my brows but in one of my hauls I picked up this brow gel by Essence because I heard that it was a very good one. Because I wanted to start to experiment with my brows I picked this one up. I have enjoyed it a lot. It keeps my brows in place and gives them a bit of colour. I really like my one good brow so for me this is enough.

  1. T. LeClerc in Tulle


My other beauty favourite is this lipstick from T. LeClerc in Tulle. This lipstick is almost finished so I started to wear it a bit more. I always wear lip balm so even when I’m studying, I like to have something on my lips. Because I want to finish this lipstick, I started to wear this lipstick occasionally instead of lip balm while studying. I hadn’t worn this colour in quite some time but it’s actually really nice. It gives a subtle pink colour and makes your lips look really hydrated and juicy.

Favorites - music

The category with the most items is music. This is because while I study, I like to have some background noise. Because of this I have discovered quite a few new songs.

  1. Nothing Left – Kygo

This song didn’t make it to my May favourites because I discovered it in the last days of May. But it definitely made it to my June Favourites. I like almost every Kygo song.

  1. People Crying Every Night – A R I Z O N A

Warning: There are quite a lot of A R I Z O N A songs this month. I’ve discovered them last month and I’m in love. They are so good. They are amazing background music but also to actively listen to. I’m totally obsessed.

  1. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) – John Gibbons

I wasn’t really a fan of P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson but lately I’m really liking it. This song by John Gibbons is a cover of that Michael Jackson song so it’s a big more modern and fits better in my favourites playlist.

  1. No Vacancy – OneRepublic

I normally don’t like this kind of music but for some reason I love this song. It’s really addicting. I’m also a 100% sure that in a few months, I will be completely sick of this song. But right now I really enjoy it so that’s why I include it.

  1. Electric Touch – A R I Z O N A

I told you.

  1. Dangerously – Charlie Puth

This song actually makes me kind of sad but I really like the lyrics to this song. Charlie Puth has a really nice voice.

  1. Shooketh – Elijah and Christine

This song is hilarious. I love the book review, I love everything about it. If you don’t know Elijah and Christine, look them up, they are hilarious.

  1. Mama – Jonas Blue

This is clearly my type of music, so yeah.

  1. 2U – David Guetta, Justin Bieber

I can’t help but love almost every song of Justin Bieber lately and in collaboration with David Guetta, even better.

  1. Where I Wanna Be – A R I Z O N A

I have no regrets.

Favorites - wattpad

  1. In The Shadows
  2. The King’s Slave
  3. The Mute Mistress

Favourites - Other

This month I’m introducing a new category to my favourites. I’m just going to call it OTHER so I can add anything I like. This month I have two other favourites.

  1. The first one are my Primark bralettes. I picked these two bralettes up from Primark just before my finals and I’ve been living in them. When I study, I want to be comfortable so a bra is a little too restricting but I’m also not not wearing a bra, that’s not comfortable for a whole day. The solution is bralettes. These are very pretty, they keep your boobs in place and it feels as if you’re not wearing anything. They were €10 max, so next time I’m going to grab some more.


  1. The second thing I’ve been really enjoying is this new series I’m watching. I’ve started watching Doctor Who. They only have season 5 and onward on Netflix but because this seasons starts with a new doctor, it’s quite easy to follow. I’ve been really loving it. I love series with long episodes (I adore Sherlock) and I really love Sci – Fi. I really recommend it if you’ve never watched it.


These were my favourites this month. Maybe you got some music inspiration. I hope next month there will be some more variety.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly




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