Hello everyone!

I’m back from holiday so it was time to visit some friends. I went to see my friend who lives in Hasselt and we did some shopping. This is my Hasselt haul.

I first went to Kiko. I love Kiko their extra sculpt mascara is my all-time favourite. I had almost ordered some products online but I always prefer to see them in person when I purchase makeup. Practically the whole store was on sale. The testers were really dirty but I managed to snatch some gems.

The first item is the product I really wanted and that would justify my online order. It is the Radiant Fusion Baked Powder. It’s a baked face powder and I think it will be really nice because baked powders give luminosity to the skin. The powder feels very soft. I got shade 01, the palest and it cost me €9,00 while it normally costs €12,95.


The next product is the Face Make Up Fixer for €5,50. I have a setting spray from L’Oréal but I don’t think it does very much. I have wanted to try another setting spray to compare but it’s hard finding a setting spray in the drugstore or at a drugstore price point. It has an aerosol spray like the Morphe setting mist so hopefully this will give a nice mist.



Next I got the Mini Divas Baked Bronzer for €4,45. The mini divas collection is a limited edition collection for the 20th anniversary of the brand. I had seen this bronzer on the website already and wanted to try it. It’s a smaller sized pan, 3,5g instead of …g like the butter bronzer as example. This size is perfect for on the go or to travel with and the packaging is just so cute.


Also from the Mini Divas collection I got the lipstick in 01. It’s a beautiful nude – pink shade. I thought the colour was really beautiful and maybe this size I will be able to finish. This lipstick is 1g while a MAC lipstick has 3g. This mini lipstick was only €2,45 after the sale.


The very last thing I got at the Kiko store was a simple glass nail file. I needed one and this one was only €1,75.


That was all I got at Kiko. The next store I went to was the MAC store. I bought my first MAC lipstick! I was so excited. I was eyeing Velvet Teddy for a while now and I finally got it. I can cross it off my ultimate wishlist. Velvet Teddy is an iconic MAC shade and is a staple in a lot of makeup lovers collections. It got really popular a few years ago after Kylie Jenner said she wears Velvet Teddy and of course everyone wanted the popular Kylie Jenner pout. This was of course before she had her own makeup line. I payed €19,50 for my lipstick and I’m so happy! Let me know what your favourite MAC lip colours are and maybe I’ll check it out. If you have any other recommendations from the brand, let me know.


Next I went to Primark. I didn’t really like this Primark. It was a lot smaller than the one in Ghent and nothing in comparison to the one in The Hague. I wanted some basic crew neck t-shirts with short sleeves but they didn’t even have those. But I still found some nice pieces.

The first item I got was from the home section and it’s this copper wired basket. I don’t know what I’m going to with it yet, maybe I’ll use it as a set-up in photos or maybe I’ll store some office supplies in it. The basket was €4,00.



The next item is actually a 2 pack. It’s a set of a khaki and a blush pink crop tops or “bras” whatever you want to wear them as. They looked really comfy and were only €7,00.



The next piece is a nightgown. It’s dark grey with the classic white pyjama lining. It looks like the top of a pyjama set but in the length of a nightgown. I have a similar one from Victoria’s Secret and it’s my favourite pyjama of all time. This nightgown was €10,00.



The next piece is also a nightgown but this one is Harry Potter themed. I love that you have such a large selection of Harry Potter stuff in Primark. It’s a navy – grey t-shirt dress with a print of the Marauder’s Map on it. This nightgown was €7,00.



The next item I picked up is a backless and strapless adhesive bra. I have a flimsy black top that you can’t wear a bra with and the material is so thin that I won’t risk not wearing a bra. So I wanted to try a sticky bra and see if that is maybe a solution. I can also wear it with my blue backless shirt. This bra was €6,00 and so is ideal to try the model out, if it works I can go buy a better one.



I also picked up some hair ties, they were only €0,50.


Next are a pair of socks. I really like my Harry Potter socks from my first Primark haul and when I saw these I couldn’t not buy these. These socks are also short sneaker socks and they are Dobby themed. I love Dobby and I’ve never cried as hard with a book as when Dobby died. It was €3,50 for the Dobby socks.



I also got two nail polishes. I’m going to Tomorrowland this weekend. (When this goes online, I will already be there.) I wanted some cool nail polish and these looked really cool and it never hurts to try them. I got two from the Holler and Glow range for €2,50 each. The first one is Rogue Mermaid and it looks like a blue-purple duochrome polish. The second one is Papped and this one seems to be a silver iridescent one. I never wear anything else than crème polishes but I wanted to try something different for Tomorrowland.


The very last thing from Primark is a pair of sunglasses. They look really cool and will be perfect for Tomorrowland. They were only €4,00.



Lastly I went to Hema, Hema is a Dutch store that sells all kind of Knick knacks. They were having a sale where it was 1 + 1 free so I got a border punch and a rotable stamp for only €1,00.


I also got a set square for €0,60 so I can have one at home and in my pencil case.


The very last thing I got at Hema and the last item of this haul is a packet of photo mounts to seamlessly glue photos in a book.



This was my Hasselt haul and I’m really happy with all my purchases. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

I’ll see you again and until then: enjoy every minute of life!

Xoxo, Polly


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