APRIL Plan With Me

Hello everyone!

I’m back baby! I know I’ve been MIA these past few months but I just wasn’t really feeling my blog anymore. It was more of a chore for me than something that I loved. But these last few weeks I had this constant urge to share makeup news with someone. Since I have no one in my life who I can obsessively talk about makeup with, I decided to start up this blog again.

I want this blog to be about everything I love. I love bullet journaling, I started in June of last year and I want to share this experience with someone. Once a month I will write a post about my BuJo and I will show you the past month and the new spreads I made for this month.

Today I will show you my March spreads and my Plan With Me for April. After March my old journal was full so I had to start a new one so this Plan With Me, you can also see my general spreads.

Let’s look at March 2018. Quick disclaimer: I talk Dutch so my BuJo is in Dutch. I will translate things you may need to understand the spread but I feel like Plan With Me’s are mostly to get inspiration and you don’t need the language to get inspired. I will blur out any personal things.


This was my March cover page. I always take two pages for my cover. On the left, I put a picture from in this case March of the previous year. This picture was taken on my 22nd birthday in 2017 when I went for brunch with two of my childhood friends. I also always make that little cute number to indicate the month. I saw this first in Ann Le’s Bullet Journal, I will link her channel here.

On the right side of my cover page, is my actual cover. This month I was feeling artistic and I drew out the letters of March (in Dutch Maart) and drew all sorts of flowers and leaves around them. Then I erased the letters and now the drawings spell out Maart. I wanted to keep this cover quite minimal so I just put a small calendar underneath.



The next page is my March mood board. I’ve done this spread on and off and I love creating it but I feel like this doesn’t add a real value to my BuJo. It inspires me immensely when I’m making my spreads but after those are done, I almost never look at it again. So I decided to not make one for April, so this will probably be the first and the last of my mood boards you will see.

In this mood board you can clearly see my theme for the month. My theme was flowers because March is the beginning of Spring and I just love flowers, they are so colourful. I love using pictures and washi tape in my bullet journal to make it look more pretty, I love decorating it. My pictures I get from Pinterest, Instagram and Unsplash. Unsplash is a site where photographers share their pictures and you can download them for free. The pictures are always really high quality and very artistically. I also like using quotes. I  have a document where I collect all sorts of quotes and I pick out the ones I think will fit the theme and spread.



My next pages are a calendar for an overview of the month. The page next to it are my brain farts. These are things I think about during the month, ideas for next month or just a place to vent.  I’m not really a good artist but I tried to draw a little more this month.



The next spread is my monthly overview. Here I collect all deadlines, birthdays and events that will happen over this month. I split it up in Personal and School related.



The next is my Books spread. I always make this. I want to keep track of the books I read in a month. I also rate them.



The next pages are my habit and mood trackers. I tried this new layout for my habit tracker but you will see that for April, I went back to the standard layout. The idea for the mood tracker I got from Pinterest. It’s a drawing of 31 flowers. Every day I coloured a flower in the corresponding colour.



The next spread is A Line A Day. I try to write something every day and I love reading it over a few months later.

Now I will show you a collection of my weekly spreads.


Now it’s time to dive into April. As I said before, I needed a new journal. This is the Bullet Journal by MUS. It has dotted pages, which was a must for my new journal because I was so sick of the lines in my old one. It also has three bookmarks which will come in handy. The pink circle you’ll see in the pictures is a compact mirror I use to keep the pages laying flat.


IMG_2892The first page is my cover page. It was super easy to make and I really like how it looks.



The MUS bullet journal provides a Yearly Calendar you can use but I decided to print out this calendar by the Cottage Market. I will link their site. I often use their calendars because I like to have an overview of the month every week and I love the little designs.



Next is my key, pretty straightforward. Next to it I put a picture of The Beatles. There was a grid on that page that I didn’t want to use so I taped this over it.



Next is my travel log, here I colour in every country that I visited in my life. The page next to it are my goals for 2018. I want to have 18 goals that I can add or interchange throughout the year because I want them to be reachable and I’m not really that good at keeping my New Year’s resolutions. Up until now I only have six goals:

  1. I want to read Harry Potter in French
  2. I want to exercise at least once a week
  3. I want to save money
  4. I want to take more pictures
  5. I want to go to Disneyland
  6. I want to use up more than spend on makeup



The next spread is an overview of the next six months. This is so I can plan in advance for months that aren’t made yet.



This is a spread that I had in my old bullet journal and I absolutely loved it. It is my Ultimate Wishlist. My ultimate makeup wishlist. I like to look at the pretty pictures of makeup and when I buy something of my wishlist, I put it in this spread. In my last bullet journal I could fill in: the Benefit palette; Becca Opal; Jeffree Star Mannequin, Chrysanthemum and Deceased; MAC Velvet Teddy and Kat von D Bow n Arrow. I’m going to write a separate post about my ultimate wishlist so I won’t show it entirely.



Now it’s time for April. This is my April cover, pretty simple. I drew the wolf and the moon myself and then just wrote April 2018 underneath. My theme for this month is animals because I love animals but I wanted to keep it a little more minimal. The picture is from a party I went to last year with two of my friends.



The next pages are my April calendar and my monthly overview. Because the dots are closer to each other than the lines in my old journal, I can put the whole month on one page.



The next spreads are my Brain Farts and my Books for April.



This is my habit tracker for this month. I wanted to try out a sleep tracker because I’ve been sleeping pretty late and irregular the last few weeks and I want to keep track of my sleeping schedule.



My mood tracker for this month is a Puppy mood tracker. They are just paw prints that I printed out and I’m going to colour them according to the legend underneath.

My line a day spread is now only two pages instead of three, which is great.



This is my spread for the first week of April. My week starts on Monday so that’s why there are eight days on this spread instead of seven.

This was my April Plan With Me and my March Overview. I hope you liked it and if you have any ideas for themes or spreads for future months, let me know.

I’ll see you next week!

Xoxo, Polly






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