APRIL Plan With Me

Hello everyone! I’m back baby! I know I’ve been MIA these past few months but I just wasn’t really feeling my blog anymore. It was more of a chore for me than something that I loved. But these last few weeks I had this constant urge to share makeup news with someone. Since I have… Continue reading APRIL Plan With Me


Hello everyone! I'm back from holiday so it was time to visit some friends. I went to see my friend who lives in Hasselt and we did some shopping. This is my Hasselt haul. I first went to Kiko. I love Kiko their extra sculpt mascara is my all-time favourite. I had almost ordered some… Continue reading HASSELT HAUL


Hello everyone! I know that most of you have experienced a stressful day or period in your life, that’s completely normal. This post today is to give you some tips and maybe some ideas on how you can destress your day without any drastic changes. I use these methods myself and I want to share… Continue reading 10 TIPS TO DESTRESS YOUR DAY


Hello everyone! Spread over the last couple of weeks I did some shopping. I bought some products I have wanted for a really long time and some things I really wanted to try out. Let’s get into it.   The first store I went to was The Body Shop. I was planning to pick up… Continue reading DRUGSTORE HAUL


Hello everyone! Another month has passed. Today it’s my time to share the products that I enjoyed during the month of June with you. The month of June meant finals for me so there are not a lot of products here. The truth is, I just walked around bare faced the whole month. There’s no… Continue reading JUNE FAVOURITES


Hello everyone! I was browsing YouTube and I saw a lot of project pan videos. I was so inspired by them that I decided to start my own project pan. The purpose of a project pan is that you “force” yourself to use up products before buying or opening new products. Since I love buying… Continue reading PROJECT PAN INTRO


Hello everyone! Today I’m here with a review on the beauty products that I got at Primark. You can find my original Primark haul here. I got four things from their beauty section. The first thing is the PS Bronzing powder. I got this one because it looked like a really pretty bronzer. The colour… Continue reading PRIMARK BEAUTY, IS IT WORTH IT?


Hello everyone! I mentioned in my last Boozyshop haul that I wanted to buy a magnetic palette to put my single eyeshadows in. Since I didn’t want to order just the palette (The shipping was almost as much as the palette itself) I was looking at other products to order a long with the palette.… Continue reading DIY MAGNETIC PALETTE


Today, I’m going to talk about another primer by the drugstore brand Catrice. Catrice is available in many drugstores around the world. Catrice is a cruelty free make-up company originally from Germany and I get my Catrice products at Kruidvat. I don’t have all of their primers but I have three. I have the PRIME… Continue reading REVIEW CATRICE ANTI-RED BASE