Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing with you the things that brought me the most joy during the month of May. The first thing I really enjoyed is the Nivea soothing toner. I’ve been using it every single day since I got it. I really like it. After I take off my makeup, I go over… Continue reading MAY FAVOURITES


Hello everyone! Here I am again with a haul! It’s once again from Boozyshop. I got seven things so that’s a lot of goodies to look forward to. Let’s get started, shall we? The package arrived in a hot pink box, my dad didn’t know what to think when he accepted it from the postman.… Continue reading BOOZYSHOP HAUL


Hello everyone! Today I’m doing the Ride or Die tag. It’s a tag created by Jaclyn Hill on YouTube. I love watching these types of videos and I thought I would share my ride or die products with you guys. (None of the pictures I use in this post are mine.) The rules are very… Continue reading RIDE OR DIE MAKE-UP TAG