Hello everyone! I was browsing YouTube and I saw a lot of project pan videos. I was so inspired by them that I decided to start my own project pan. The purpose of a project pan is that you “force” yourself to use up products before buying or opening new products. Since I love buying… Continue reading PROJECT PAN INTRO


Hello everyone! Last week I uploaded a haul where I got a lot of make-up from the drugstore. Today I’m doing a full face of first impressions with these items. It’s the first time I’m using these products so you’ll get my real first impression of them. Let’s start! I already moisturized my face. Normally… Continue reading FULL FACE OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS


  Hello everyone! I’ve been a bad girl. I couldn’t help myself and bought more make-up. I couldn’t possibly need anything else but I wanted it. I really wanted it so in my mind it was justified. I’m also going to test a few new things so if you look at it like that it… Continue reading HAUL


Hello everyone, today is the first of April but this isn’t an April fool’s joke. These are my favourites from March 2017. We will start off with my skincare favourites. I have loved the URIAGE Roséliane anti-redness rich cream for a very long time. It has been my staple day cream all throughout the winter.… Continue reading MARCH FAVOURITES


I have a little drugstore haul for you guys. I went shopping and I picked up nine products. I went to DI, Hema and Kruidvat. A review on all these products will follow, I first have to test them out. The first item is from MAYBELLINE and it’s the master strobing liquid in Light/Iridescent. It’s… Continue reading 16/3 DRUGSTORE HAUL