Hello everyone! I know that most of you have experienced a stressful day or period in your life, that’s completely normal. This post today is to give you some tips and maybe some ideas on how you can destress your day without any drastic changes. I use these methods myself and I want to share… Continue reading 10 TIPS TO DESTRESS YOUR DAY


Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing with you the things that brought me the most joy during the month of May. The first thing I really enjoyed is the Nivea soothing toner. I’ve been using it every single day since I got it. I really like it. After I take off my makeup, I go over… Continue reading MAY FAVOURITES


Hello everyone! Here I am again with my monthly favourites. Apivita propolis mask   The first thing I really enjoyed this month is the propolis mask from the Greek brand Apivita. You can find this brand in some pharmacies. I use this against acne and it’s amazing to clear up bumpy skin. Everyone in my… Continue reading APRIL FAVOURITES


Hello everyone, today is the first of April but this isn’t an April fool’s joke. These are my favourites from March 2017. We will start off with my skincare favourites. I have loved the URIAGE Roséliane anti-redness rich cream for a very long time. It has been my staple day cream all throughout the winter.… Continue reading MARCH FAVOURITES